I have done some crazy things for a job in my life and I would do more crazy things for a job now. Please give me a job.
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I need a job - I would eat pigs fat for a job
I need a job.
I would do almost anything to have a job.
I would spend 15 hours on a plane being a sardine for a job
I would spend 9 hours on a train not sleeping because the bed was made for a hobbit for a job
I would eat pigs fat, cow gut, and silk worm for a job
I would buy a cell phone to call my boss from a bathroom for help so my consultant friend would not lose face for a job
I would walk around bejing at 3 am in the morning looking for a doctor that spoke english for a job

I know I seem a little too crazy for a job, I really use to be normal, until getting a foot massage for a job turned into getting naked with 50 rich chinese men... which wasn’t weird at all.

Please give me a job