This summer, see your favorite Coen Brothers' cult classic in a whole new way. Kind of.

Full Credits

Starring Tara Reid as Almost Everyone
Featuring James Adomian as The Voice of the Stranger
Introducing Oliver as the Pomeranian
Also featuring Christopher Farah, Andrew Grissom and Morgan Pritchard as Hairy Legs
Executive Producer: Mike Farah
Story by Sean Boyle & Christopher Farah
Written & Directed by Christopher Farah
Director of Photography: Ryan McNeely
Editor: Morgan Pritchard
Producer: Dal Wolf
Co-Producer: Anna Wenger
Production Coordinator: Samantha Chan
Assistant Director: Genghis Jorgensen
2nd A.D.: Matt Mazany
Asst. Camera: Cary Gallegher
2nd AC/DIT: Jordan Martin
Gaffer: Trevor Crist
Best Boy Electric: Matt Heinz
Key Grip: Jason Webster
Best Boy Grip: Josh Markvan
Production Designer: Alexi Gomez
Art Director: Ellie Del Campo
Wardrobe Stylist: Maggie Kaiser
Hair & Make-up: Katie Hildebrandt
Assist Make-Up: Ingrid Roman
Sound: Chad Ubovich for BoTown Sound
Office PA/Resident Lebowski Expert: Sam Varela
Production Assistants: Andrew Grissom, Paul Heikens, Alistair Walford, Gabe Grossman, Ira Parker & Becca Scheuer
Special Thanks: Shauna O'Toole, Steven Glick & Beverly Agdern


(explosion sounds)
(whispers) Exclusive
♫ (old west music) ♫
Voiceover: This summer
way out west in Los Angeles
there's a fella in this here
story I'm about to unfold.
It may sound a lot like the story
I unfolded for ya before.
Well, sometimes there's a man
and sometimes there's a man, again.
Dude: Oh, man.
They got my sofa this time.
(upbeat music)
Dude: That couch really tied
the room together, Walter.
Walter: You mean like your rug.
Dottie: Why not use an ottoman,
dude, or a devon or a chaison.?
Dude: Shut up, Dottie!
Walter: Dude, they are
crossing a whole new line
this time in a slightly different way.
Woman: And who sir are you?
Dude: I'm the dude,
man. Don't you remember?
We did this all before
except it was with my rug.
Woman: Doesn't ring a bell.
Mohammed: Nobody fucks
with the Mohammed. Ugh!
Dude: We share the same last name.
Your wife is Bunny.
Woman: Drawing a blank.
Walter: I told that crud,
I don't roll like Upasaka.
Dude: Upasaka, Walter?
Walter: Upasaka. I'm Shaman Upasaka.
I converted to Buddhism.
Dude: She was kidnapped
and got her toe cut off.
Except she really wasn't kidnapped
and it really wasn't her fucking toe.
Woman: Now that's where you're mistaken.
This time it was the tip of her nose.
Dude: Wow, this is familiar.
♫ Yeah, yeah, oh yeah ♫
♫ What condition my condition was in ♫
Girl: Va J J.
♫ I woke up this morning
with the sundown ♫
Dottie: Now you're gonna
enter a world of pain.
Walter: God damn it, Dottie!
Man: I want to believe in something.
Dottie: (phone ringing)
Phones still ringing, Dude.
Dude: Wait, aren't you dead?
Voiceover: It's a comfort to know
the Dude's hail abides, twice.
Walter: This time it's
a pure bred Pomeranian
and it has funny glasses.
Voiceover: Coming at you in June
at your local motion picture house.
I know I'll be there.
Dude: I am sick of abiding, man.
Voiceover: Say, I wonder if they got any
of that good sarsaparilla?