Charlize Theron apparently has a crush on this dude. OK.

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♫ (music) ♫
Charlize: It's March 27, 2012.
It's 9:30 in the AM
and you know what that means, Charlize?
What it means everyday.
Scott Lyle Stream Hunk Junior
is getting ready to go to work
at the Denny's corporate.
Look at his calves.
You got yourself into
the backseat of his car.
Oh, yeah. You little stow away you.
♫ (singing) ♫
Oh my God, what is that?
Is that a song?
He's singing to a real big fish.
So cute.
Scott: Oh my God, Charlize!
Look, I have a wife and a newborn child.
Charlize: It must be bring
your loved ones to work day.
Because I'm in Scott's place of business.
I think-
Yeah, I think I can smell him.
His business casual is so professional.
Scott: Charlize!
You know I tried to get
a restraining order!
Charlize: And what happened, hm?
Scott: They said that anyone who would try
to get a restraining order
against you was insane,
but that does not-, security!
That is not the point! Security!
Security: Ma'am. Charlize: No!
Security: I need you to
come with me right now.
Charlize: No! Scott!
I'm gonna kill you with my sex!
Scott! No!
(breathing heavy)
I think he likes you Charlize.