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Full Credits

Derek Theler, Kelsey Asbille, Sam Page, Michael Doneger, Nikki Boyer, Emily Goss
Talent: Ross Buran, Alex Scordelis, Georgie Guinane, Wesley Schlagenhauf, Jo Smith
VO: Gopal Bidiri
Writer/Director: Bryan Madole
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Coordinator: Ross Buran
DP: Matt Sweeney
1AC: Michael Lincoln
2AC: Chris Marius Jones
Gaffer: Zach Zeidman
Best Boy Electric: Matt Hoodhood
Key Grip: Evan Ostrovsky
Best Boy Grip: Ryo Hata
Production Designer: Justine Smith
Art Director: Sabrina Castro
HMU: Emily Rae Hilgenberg
Mixer: Gopal Bidiri
PA: Glenn Fellman
PA: Andrew Grissom
Editor: Hannah Levy
Graphics: Kegan Swyers and Shawn James
Color: Marty Cramer

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November 18, 2015


Gopal Bidiri: Chicago, it's made by
the heroes who devoted
Gopal Bidiri: their lives to it.
Those who protect,
Gopal Bidiri: who serve, who heal,
and those,
Gopal Bidiri: who clean.
Gopal Bidiri: From Executive Producer
Dick Wolf comes the
Gopal Bidiri: new show in the Chicago
series, Chicago Sanitation.
Kelsey Asbille: You sort garbage better
than anyone on this team.
Kelsey Asbille: Why can't you sort
out your life?
Sam Page: Because real life is
a lot more than paper and plastic.
Sam Page: It's life and death, and
glass and compost.
Emily Goss: You never have time for
this family.
Derek Theler: Garbage doesn't wait babe.
It needs to be picked up everyday.
Nikki Boyer: Your loose cannon attitude
is going to get people
Nikki Boyer: killed out there.
Michael Doneger: Everything I did, I did
to keep this city clean.
Nikki Boyer: You're suspended
Nikki Boyer: Vest and garbage
gloves, now.
Kelsey Asbille: Hurry!
Sam Page: I'm sorting as fast
as I can!
Emily Goss: You spent all of your
time picking up the trash.
Emily Goss: Why can't you treat me
like garbage for once?
Derek Theler: I will treat you
like garbage.
Derek Theler: I promise.
Gopal Bidiri: It all starts Friday,
with an unforgettable
Gopal Bidiri: crossover episode.
Gopal Bidiri: When a city wide fire hits,
all of Chicago's
Gopal Bidiri: departments will
have to pitch in to help.
Fireman: Hey, we got to get off
this roof.
Female: Dammit, his signs
have dropped.
Male Voice: Get the garbage in
ther trucks.
Male Voice: Lets go.
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[interposing voices]