On this very special episode of "The Lone Wolf", Lone Wolf saves Mothball from the horrors of drugs.
Published March 17, 2009 1.2k views More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
Lone Wolf: Matt Peters, Mothball: Bennie Arthur, Tab Wilson: Chad Fogland, Boo Boo Bear: Mary Newman, Stinky: Matt Manser, Druggie #1: Jeff Sloniker, Druggie #2: Erin McGathy, Druggie #3: Ron Babcock, Druggie #4: Abed Ghieth, Druggie #5: Aaron Ablerstein, Druggie #6: Brandon Burkhart, Written by: Bennie Arthur, Directed by: Chad Fogland and Bennie Arthur, Shot by: Zach Zdziebko, Cut by: Danny Jelinek, Music by: William Sherry, Jr.
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