Find out who the king of sandwiches is and the winner of this stoned debate right here.

Full Credits

Host - Chris Tallman as Bill Mesersmits
Debaters - Hunter Cope, Jonathan Sanders, Shawn Pearlman, Angela Trimbur
Director - Rod Blackhurst
Producer - Alison Hord
Written and Created by - Rod Blackhurst, Eric Levy, Michael Torpey
Director of Photography - Sean Conaty
Editor - Benjamin Moses Smith
Camera Operators - Gareth Paul Cox, TJ Hellmuth, Ben Mullin, Josh 'Bones' Murphy
AC - TJ Hellmuth & Josh 'Bones' Murphy
Gaffer - Gareth Paul Cox
G&E - Randy Garcia, Fernando Montes, Adam Galanter, Eric McGaw, David Carstens
Audio - BoTown Sound: Bo Sundberg and Steve Pallow
PA's - Andrew Grissom, Ross Buran, Daniel Beldy
Art Department - Samantha Corona
Title Design - Brian McGinn
Original Score - Silas Hite
Colorist - Andy Maxwell
Special Thanks - James Minchin III, Trevor Elier, Matthew Jordan, Kara Welker, Chris Suchorsky