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(inspiring music)
- [Bertrand] Computers, robotics, chicken.
Here at KFC, agents of the future
have created H.A.R.L.A.N.D..
- Hello, I am H.A.R.L.A.N.D.,
Human-Assisted Robotic Linguistic
Animatronic Network Device.
I am here to welcome you to KFC.
Would you like a $5 Fill Up?
- How far can technology be pushed before it's too far?
- Pull up to the drive-through window please.
- Or is there such a thing as too far?
- Have a nice day.
- [Bertrand] I think we have our answer.
In the '60s, Colonel Sanders actually came up with the idea
of having a robot Colonel take people's drive-through orders
But it wasn't until recently we realized
we now have the technology to actually make it happen.
- [Bertrand] The Colonel's mind was the womb,
but it was your hands that were
the orifice of it's deliverance.
- Okay.
- [Bertrand] I had seen the place of Harland's birth.
Now it was time to see the mad Colonel's dream
in it's natural environment.
- Welcome to KFC, can I take your order?
- (laughs) Sure!
- [Bertrand] Does Harland perplex you?
- Not really.
I mean, it's voice recognition software
programmed to convert the drive-through operator's voice
into Colonel Sanders'.
- Yes, but does it ever feel as though
the disembodied torso of Colonel Sanders
is alive and talking to you?
- No.
- But maybe.
- No...
- Welcome to KFC, would you like a $5 Fill Up?
- Great choice.
- You speak through Harland, but does it ever feel
as though Harland speaks through you?
- Um, I pretty much say what I would normally say
like "Can I take your order please?", so, no.
(inspiring music)
- Hungry people funneled through,
each fundamentally changed by his or her encounter
with the transcendent miracle that is Harland.
So, do you understand what just happened back there?
- The drive-through operator talks,
then it goes through a program
and comes out in the Colonel Sanders voice?
- Your hands must be trembling
from your glimpse into the future.
Show me your hands, I want to see how they're shaking.
- I, uh, I think they're fine.
- [Bertrand] Her hands were definitely trembling.
And so were mine.
Trembling at the possibilities of a species evolving
into post-Harland beings, leaping forward,
becoming a new species that orders food
from a robot Colonel Sanders.
- Howdy, how may I help you?
(electronic whirring)