Mr. Celebrity teaches you all of the ways to meet your favorite TV and movie stars in this handy little video.

Full Credits

Starring Ed Helms & Brett Gelman
Featuring BJ Porter
Directed and Edited by: Danny Jelinek
Written by: BJ Porter & Brett Gelman
Produced by: Christin Trogan & Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Zach Zdziebko
Camera Operator: Jason Whetzell
Wardrobe: Janicza Bravo


The video opens with theme music and Brett Gelman slides into view.
Brett Gelman: Why did the celebrity cross the road? To meet me.
To either side of Brett Gelman, several smaller Brett Gelman's appear jumping up in slow motion. The words Mr. Celebrity appear. The shot cuts to a still image of Mariah Carey kissing Nick Cannon on one side with Brett Gelman in the background. He “looks” at the still image and whistles.
Brett Gelman: Hubba hubba.
The shot cuts to Brett Gelman with his arm around a still image of Jennifer Aniston. He takes of picture of him and “Jennifer Aniston” together. The shot then cuts to Brett Gelman adjusting his tie.
Brett Gelman: I don't get no respect. Just kidding.
The shot cuts to Brett Gelman using a still image of Tom Hanks as a surfboard.
Brett Gelman: Whoa! Hanks 10.
The shot then cuts to Brett Gelman doing a little dance and laughing. The shot cuts to Brett Gelman pushing apart shrubbery and growling. It then cuts to him eating a still image of Jennifer Aniston's head. The shot then cuts to him “pooping” out a still image. The shot cuts to Brett Gelman hovering behind the the words Mr. Celebrity. The shot cuts to a hospital waiting room. Ed Helms is standing there, looking very nervous. Brett Gelman can be seen sitting in the background. Ed Helms turns and notices Brett Gelman. The shot cuts to closeup of Brett Gelman with a creepy smile on his face. The shot cuts back to Ed Helms who looks disturbed. The shot cuts back to Brett Gelman.
Brett Gelman: Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite comedic actor, superstar Ed Helms.
Ed Helms: Hi. How's it going?
Ed Helms sits down and Brett Gelman sits down next to him.
Brett Gelman: What are you doing here? I hope you didn't have an overdose from having too much talent.
Ed Helms: I don't mean to be rude. I'm just a little out of sorts. I was just mountain biking with my buddy and he crashed and hit his head on a rock. It was pretty scary.
Brett Gelman: I'll tell you what's scary. How hungover I am right now from The Hangover. That's right. Last night, I watched The Hangover so many times that I got drunk on The Hangover. And now, I've got a hangover, or should I say a Hangover hangover. You've got the goods, Mr. Helms. And your Evan Almighty talents are a Daily Show to wash all over the whole world like a Cedar Rapids and help us escape our everyday problems just like Harold and Kumar's Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Bay, be, yeah.
Brett Gelman snaps along with the last few words. A doctor approaches Brett Gelman and Ed Helms.
Doctor: Mr. Celebrity?
Brett Gelman: Yeah.
Doctor: We did everything we could, but we lost her.
Brett Gelman: It's okay, doc. Don't worry about it. I'm sure you did the best you could. Thanks.
Ed Helms looks at Brett Gelman expectantly.
Brett Gelman: Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you Mr. Helms. You made this the best day of my life.
Ed Helms: Wait. What was the doctor talking about? Who did they lose?
Brett Gelman: He was just talking about my wife.
Ed Helms: What?
Brett Gelman: We were in a terrible car accident that, apparently, she didn't live through.
Ed Helms: Oh my God. You're in shock.
Brett Gelman: Nah.
Ed Helms: You're stricken with grief!
Brett Gelman: No.
Ed Helms: You have to deal with this.
Brett Gelman: I do need to deal with it, but going home and popping in Season 2 of The Office on DVD. Oh boy, I'm going to laugh my tears away.
Brett Gelman stops moving and begins staring off into space. Ed Helms watches Brett Gelman for a moment and leans in toward Brett Gelman's face. Brett Gelman burst back into his former animated self.
Brett Gelman: Yeah?
Ed Helms: The doctor just told you that your wife is dead!
Brett Gelman: Isn't it funny? I loved you and my wife hated you. Now she's dead and I don't have a scratch. It seems like God came firmly down on the side of Ed Helms. Congrats, sir. Con (finger snap) grats (finger snap), yeah.
Ed Helms just stares of Brett Gelman for a moment before Brett Gelman lurches out a door onto the street. The doctor comes up to Ed Helms.
Doctor: Mr. Helms?
Ed Helms: Yeah.
Doctor: I'm sorry. We did everything we could, but your friend did not make it.
Ed Helms: What?
Doctor: Am I a good doctor? Hmmmm.
The doctor gives Ed Helms a suspicious look and walks away. Ed Helms starts to cry and then sits up straight.
Ed Helms: Wait a minute. I wasn't even in Season 2 of The Office.
The following words appear: Mr. Celebrity.
The video ends.