What if sleeping beauty was conned by her entire kingdom just so she'd marry... more »
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Written and Directed by: Jena Serbu & Mark Dahl
Created by... The Tina Yothers Army: Mark A. Dahl, Jena Serbu, Vincent Degouza, Beth Wexler, Joi Foley, Scotty Yelity, Crystal Whybark & Jeff Millman
CAST: Prince Freddie Prince Jr. "BoBo" Charming... Mark A. Dahl, Rosamond "Bunny" Charming... Brenda Logan, Viola McFairy... Brea Bee, Handmaid Joi... Joi Foley, Bobo's man toy... Vincent Degouza, Tina McFairy... Kristine Elizabeth Miller, Fancis McFairy... Lance Pawling, King Charming... Mark Kochanowicz, Not Quite the Queen... Amy Madgar
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Published: January 20, 2008