Alison Brie finds out what it takes to be Dave Franco's dream girl. Featuring Dave Franco, Alison Brie & Olivia Munn.
Published April 23, 2013 2m views More Info »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Dave Franco, Alison Brie & Olivia Munn
Directed by Brian McGinn & Dave Franco
Written by Dave Franco
Edited by Brian McGinn
Produced by Jason Carden for Funny Or Die
Director of Photography: Will Basanta
Colored by Santiago Padilla
Sound Design Edit/Mix by Geoffrey Rubay
AC - Ali Nusrat
Gaffer - Ricky Fosheim
Hair/MU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Wardrobe - Kelly Walker
Sound - Shannon Deane for Botown Sound
PA - Parker Seaman
Special Thanks: Andy Goodman
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(beeping space sounds)
Man: Gross.
Woman: You love it.
Man: No.
Woman: I'm your dream girl.
Man: Nah-uh.
You know what my dream girl would do?
Woman: Hm?
Man: She would give me a blumpkin.
Woman: What, (laughing) what is that?
Man: It means that you
would give me a blow job
while I took a shit.
Woman: Jesus!
Why would you even want that?
Man: 3 years together, we
got to mix things up, right?
Woman: Ew, ew.
Man: Okay. All right.
How about this? How about this?
Write down a number between 1 and 100
and if I guess it you have
to give me a blumpkin.
No questions asked or
else we're broken up with.
Woman: From 1 to 100 then?
Man: Um-hmm. Woman: Okay.
Man: I'm serious though. Woman: Me too.
Man: When I guess this you do the thing
or we're broken up with.
Woman: Okay, guess. Man: Okay.
(deep breath)
(whispering) 4, 7 ...
is the number.
Woman: So close! Man: Really?
Woman: It was 2.
Man: Jesus. (giggling)
Woman: Okay, I want to go.
Yes, okay. If I can
make this sheet of paper
Man: That tiny cup.
then you and I elope
tonight, no questions asked.
Man: Or else we're broken up with.
Woman: No. No.
Shut up.
Man: My turn, okay.
Um, all right.
If I can solve this in under 10 seconds.
Woman: 10.
Man: Fair? Um, I get a blumpkin.
Woman: Jesus Christ!
Enough with the blumpkin!
Man: ... from Olivia Mun.
Woman: Or else? Um, I get a
blumpkin. Man: We're broken up with.
Woman: Fine, fine.
Man: Okay, count for me.
Woman: Okay, ready?
Man: Yeah.
Woman: 1 banana, 2 banana, 3 banana ...
Woman: 4 banana, 5 banana, 6 banana.
Woman: What the fuck?
Man: Olivia Mun blumpkin.
Olivia Mun blumpkin!
Woman: What the fuck? You set this up!
Man: Whoa, ah! No backing out or else.
You know what or else.
Woman: Yeah, well, good
luck getting Olivia Mun
to suck your dick while you shit.
UPS Woman: I'll tell you
what brown can do for me.