Alison Brie finds out what it takes to be Dave Franco's dream girl. Featuring Dave Franco, Alison Brie & Olivia Munn.

Full Credits

Starring Dave Franco, Alison Brie & Olivia Munn
Directed by Brian McGinn & Dave Franco
Written by Dave Franco
Edited by Brian McGinn
Produced by Jason Carden for Funny Or Die
Director of Photography: Will Basanta
Colored by Santiago Padilla
Sound Design Edit/Mix by Geoffrey Rubay
AC - Ali Nusrat
Gaffer - Ricky Fosheim
Hair/MU - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Wardrobe - Kelly Walker
Sound - Shannon Deane for Botown Sound
PA - Parker Seaman
Special Thanks: Andy Goodman


- Gross.
- You love it.
- No.
- I'm your dream girl.
Nah-uh. You know
what my dream girl would do?
She would give me a blumpkin.
What? [giggling]
What is that?
It means that you would give me
a blow job while I took a shit.
Jesus! Why would you
even want that?
years together,
we got to mix things up, right?
- Eww. Eww.
- OK. Hold on.
How about this?
How about this?
Write down a number
between 1 and 100,
and if I guess it you have
to give me a blumpkin.
No questions asked or
else we're broken up with.
- From 1 to 100 then?
- Mm hmm.
- I'm serious though.
- Me too.
When I guess this you do the
thing or we're broken up with.
- OK. Guess.
- OK.
[deeply inhales]
[slurring] 74... is the number.
- So close!
- Really?
- It was 2.
- Jesus.
- Okay, I want to go.
- Alright.
Yes, OK. If I can make this sheet of
paper into that cup right there,
then you and I elope tonight,
no questions asked.
- Or else we're broken up with.
- No. No.
- Shut up.
- My turn, okay.
Um... OK, alright.
- If I can solve this in under 10 seconds--
- 10.
Um, I get a blumpkin--
- Jesus Christ! Enough with the blumpkin!
- Let me finish...
Olivia Munn.
Or else...
We're broken up with.
- So you agree?
- Fine. Fine.
- OK, count for me.
- OK, ready?
banana, 2 banana, 3 banana--
- Go fast!
- 4 banana, 5 banana, 6 banana--
What the fuck?
- What the fuck?
- Olivia Munn blumpkin.
- Olivia Munn blumpkin!
- What the fuck? You set this up!
No backing out or else.
You know what or else.
Yeah, well, good luck getting Olivia Munn
to suck your dick while you shit.
I'll tell you what
brown can do for me.