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Full Credits

Written by Ben Wietmarschen
Directed & Edited by Tom Levin
Starring: Ben Wietmarschen, David Levin, Jorge Acosta and John E. Carroll
Wardrobe: Simone Duff
Production Coordinator: Danielle Massie

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September 14, 2016


- [ camera shutter clicking ]
- That's right. Beaufiful.
Pull them up-- pull them up high!
Try out all the pockets.
Beautiful. Show'em off.
Show'em off.
- ♪ ♪
- That's exactly what
I want to see.
Listen up ya'll.
I got something I want
you to see.
Your father is beautiful.
Celebrate your dad wearing his shorts.
No matter how embarrassing
his weird legs might look in them.
He deserves to be comfortable.
He deserves to be happy.
He deserves to be dad.
What happened to the
hair on those calves?
Did it all rub off?
I assume so.
And dad knees?
Oooh those knees.
White gyms shoes with
tubes on the loose.
Hey there dads,
you're all beautiful men,
and we love your shorts.
[ camera shutter clicks ]
[ music fades out ]