Pat's joke of the day about all the Russians she has seen in the US and how... more »
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Published: August 10, 2010
Hi I recently told you I live down the street from those 2 Russian spy's.

But last week we went to vacation on Cape Cod and the manager of the inn was Russian, the kids working at the concession stand at the beach also Russian, I went to a Mexican restaurant in Greenwich village last night and all the waitress were Russian and yet no one asked them for their papers!!!

You think it's cause their blond and blue eyed like the Governor of Arizona.I wonder if she's a Russian spy too?

Imagine what her assignment might have been. You throw Mexicans under bus, we come in under radar.

This has been a joke of the day form Pat Ceasar.
Found on the You Tube channel PatCeasar1 and more fun stuff