A Public Service Announcement for AJWS.org.

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Starring Lisa Edelstein, Donald Glover, Gilbert Gottfried, Helen Hunt, Ken Jeong, Don Johnson, Dennis Leary, Lindsay Lohan, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tracy Morgan, Andy Samberg, Susan Sarandon, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Patrick Stewart, Ben Stiller, Danny Trejo, Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, and Brian Williams
Directed by Judd Apatow & Jordan Rubin
Written by Judd Apatow & Jordan Rubin
Edited by Sari Tiersky
Producer - Rob Schlissel
Production Company: Empire Entertainment, Inc.
Executive Producer - J. B. Miller
Special Thanks: American Jewish World Service, Josh Falcon, 13Keys, Lisa Eisenpresser, Greg Cohen, Lisa Yadavaia, Rena Dascal


I'm Don Johnson and I'm not Jewish.

> I'm Danny Trejo and I'm not Jewish.

> You wanna hear a secret?
I'm not Jewish.

> Okay, fine, I'm Jewish you got me, what
gave it away, Seinfeld?

> Although I'm not even close to being
Jewish, I support the American Jewish
World Service.
This past quarter century AJWS has
that through activism individuals can
change the world.

> AJWS funds more than 80 organizations
worldwide that are working to alleviate

> Last year American Jewish World Service
gave away more than
$22 million in grants to 458 organizations
in 34 different countries.
That really throws a wrench in the Jews
are cheap premise.
I mean if, if you think that's cheap,
no way you're Asian cuz you're really bad
at math.

> Alright, can we make this quick,
because I have
to do PSAs for like five of my friends'
charities today.
What do I got?
I got the Larry King Center for Smoother
Testicles, The Institute for Cher Induced
Erectile Dysfunction.
R.Kelly's fund to stop teen pregnancy
caused by R.Kelly.

> Hi, I'm Linsday Lohan, and I am not
Jewish, but I am happy to be here.
These things pay well, right?

> AJWS grants promote human rights by
programs developed and run by the
communities themselves.

> AJWS was one of the first responders in
Still no luck getting Sean Pence
circumcised though.

> People often come up to me and they'll
say, hey Samberg, I didn't even know you
were Jewish.
And I say, really?
And they go, no not really.
Look at your gigantic face.
And then we just laugh and laugh.
And then I go, alright, talk to you later,
Ryan Seacrest.

> The AJWS helps people of all religions
all over the world alleviate poverty,
hunger and disease.

> And that's something you don't need to
be Jewish to support.
I mean, unless you're a total prick.

> You probably, don't help any Jews.
I mean like, Jews are fine.
You know?

> The American Jewish World Service, that
is an awful name.

> That name is so bad, it feels like a
scam from Nigeria, really.

> Maybe next year, if you guys thought
about maybe changing it to Jewish American
World Service.
Cuz then your JAWS.
And then you can have Jaws Week on
Channel they have Shark Week, you have
JAWS Week.
And it's all just Jews.

> I am not Jewish, but I still fully
support American Jewish World Service.
Well as, our friend Tevye said, tradition.
He also went on to say,

> Shalom!

> Meshugge.



> Maseltov.


> [UNKNOWN] bread.

> [NOISE].