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Voting can be hard! So here's a handy guide to navigating all the new Republican Voter ID laws this November.
Published September 20, 2012 57k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Matthew Rocheleau, Madeline Walter, Deborah Tarica
Also featuring: Rhoda Pell, Michael Wilson, Steve Bartlett, Payman Benz, Belinda Bates, Alex Fernie, Mano Agopian, Rambo and Memphis
Writer/Director: Alex Fernie
DP: Brian Lane
Producer: Ally Hord & Blake Nabevi
Narrator: Patrick Baker
Hair/MU Leigh Schwartz
G&E: Seth Craven & Matt Sweeney
Edited by Nick Wiger
Art: Caity Birmingham, Vanessa Lin
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