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Dave Foley
Bruce McCulloch
Kevin McDonald
Mark McKinney
Scott Thompson

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December 04, 2009


(elevator music)
Dark haired man: I guess hell froze over.
They're back.
(upbeat music)
Man in orange shirt: Hi, I'm
Larry Bowman, mayor of Shuckton.
When you think of Shuckton,
what comes to mind?
Probably nothing.
We're not that well known.
We're just a small town with a big heart.
Blond woman: (screams)
Dark haired woman: (screams)
Boy in orange shirt: (screams)
Blond woman: (screams)
Dark haired woman: (screams)
(sound of thunder)
(upbeat music)
Blond woman: This is Heather
Weather with breaking news.
Mayor Bowman, who was
discovered this morning
with his lifeless head
stuck into his own mailbox.
But, as a trained
meteorologist, I can tell you
that he was discovered under
partially cloudy skies.
Tall man: Confess.
Long haired man: No!
Dark haired man: Oww!
Bald man: Have any of you children
ever seen a dead body before?
What am I missing in this town?
Tall man: The hard part
about solving a crime,
is that it looks like it
could have been anyone.
(upbeat music)
Dark haired woman: Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh.
(sound of gun shooting)
(sound of flute playing)
Blond woman: Suck on! Suck on!
Dark haired man: Yeah, not
just some blood gargling sicko
who had a bad childhood and
it still holding a grudge,
but anybody.
Blond man: How am I going
to figure out this murder
without some field work.
Use your head.
Dark blond woman:
Sometimes I forget things.
I call it the fuzzies.
Dark haired man: This little
tiny hick town sure does stink.
Whoa, what a shit hole!