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Actor/Comedian Josh Robert Thompson ("Family Guy," "Austrian Death... more »
Published September 16, 2009 1.7m views Immortal More Info ยป
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Published September 16, 2009
The video opens with the following text:

Four Impressions

Performed & Totally Improvised

By Voice Actor and Comedian

Josh Robert Thompson

The shot cuts to Josh Robert Thompson standing in front of a completely
white background.

Josh Robert Thompson: Hi. I'm Josh Robert Thompson and I'm a voice
actor. Now, you may have heart my voice before on the Howard Stern Show
as Fake Arnold Schwarzenegger or you might even have seen me on the Late
Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Today, I'm going to give an example of
some of the voices I can do. (switches over to an Arnold Schwarzenegger
voice) Sometimes you might here me talking like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A
lot of people think that when you talk like Arnold you have to go...

Makes several inarticulate groaning noises.

Josh Robert Thompson: Well you idiot, Arnold doesn't talk like that.
That's not an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, that's a medical
condition. Ha, ha, ha. Exactly. Maria! Where the hell are my stogies!

The shot cuts to Josh Robert Thompson wrinkling his forehead and
speaking like Robert De Niro.

Josh Robert Thompson: And, um, maybe I'll talk like this. You know, I
look like, I look like maybe I just ate a lemon or something, you know. I
got bad gas, huh. You talking to me, huh. I'll break your legs. I'll
break your legs, put them back together and break them again. Ha ha ha.
(switches over to a Sylvester Stallone voice) Yo, a lot of people ask
me, 'Hey, Sly, you're like sixty-some years old. I mean, how were you
able to, you know, do that new Rambo movie?' It's two things. Number
one, you gotta believe in yourself. It's very important. Number two,
take a lot of steroids. (switches over to a Morgan Freeman voice) And
sometimes, I might bring my voice down like this and oh, I'll start to
talk like Morgan Freeman. And Morgan will talk like that and, oh, he
could talk about anything, really, and and make it an interesting topic.
I could talk about this carpet, for example. Oh, that carpet, the way
it goes from wall to wall, just doing what it does. Multiple colors and I
walk on you, sweet carpet. You keep my feet padded when they're bare
and, oh, I might stain you from time to time, but, oh that's all right.
You'll always be a carpet to me.

The shot cuts to Josh Robert Thompson carrying a pen and with a fake
mole similar to Robert De Niro's on his cheek.

Josh Robert Thompson: Alright, are we done here? This is ridiculous.
Where's my agent? I don't want to do this bullshit.