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July 28, 2012


and check out this trans scripts :

chruch grandpa :
hello welcome to the chruch grandpa.
do you like a need this ended has you
happy easter day. and now this again.
your this no pray has news reporter !.

chruch grandpa :
we need has reporter day you
not has bad and good this not
has pray this nothing your this!.

chruch grandpa :
okay. has your news reporte
has president in europe from in
more has news reporter has security.

news reporter woman :
hey stop audiences. do you not
kristen and khatolik. that this is
become president france you do
you has about chruch grandpa?

chruch grandpa :
yes news reporter. you stopped
this again your not become president
france not that this your has rahmadan
has people all puasa has you stop!?.

chruch grandma :
hey chruch grandpa. has do you not
this in news reporter and all newsman
and newswoman has shooting man and
woman has get out in the outdoor me!.

chruch grandma :
and your all family chruch grandpa.
has retire and something cancelled
is today in the your chruch and coming
this christmas day understand?.