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Full Credits

Starring: LeVar Burton
Alex Bielanski
Shreyas Rajesh
Alaysia Sanchez
Van Santander
Director/Editor Charles Ingram
Writer Jack Allison
Concept By Bryan Safi
Producer Rachel Goldenberg
Coordinator Becca Scheuer
DP Mike Karnell
AC Justin Westfall
Gaffer Nate Cornett
Key Grip Tom Pena
Sound Ryan Kaiser
Art Tricia Robertson
Wardrobe Tala Bakhtar
Makeup Leigh Schwartz
PA Andrew Adams
Music Producer Carl Sondrol
Vocalist Mela Lee

Stats & Data


♪ Butterfly in the sky
♪ I can go twice as high
♪ Take a look it's
in a book
♪ A reading rainbow
♪ I can go anywhere
♪ Friends to know
♪ And ways to grow
♪ A reading rainbow
♪ I can do anything
♪ Because I read a book
♪ I can literally
do anything
♪ reading rainbow
♪ I have become a god
♪ Because I read a book
♪ My power grows,
like no one knows
♪ I'm mad with power
♪ Power
♪ No man should have power
like this
♪ I can go anywhere
♪ I'm a stop anyone from
♪ Having reading power
♪ Take a look
♪ There's no more books
LeVar Burton: What have I become
♪ A reading rainbow
♪ Reading rainbow
♪ A reading rainbow
♪ A reading rainbow
♪ ♪
LeVar Burton: The End
LeVar Burton: The end
♪ Reading Rainbow
♪ ♪