Lizzy the Lezzy stand up comedy videos - “MEN” Lizzy talks about the wonder of the straight man!

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lizzy the lezzy the muff munching dyke

lizzy the lezzy it’s pussy I like

lizzy the lezzy, so let’s have some fun

lizzy the lezzy, I’ll sleep with your mum


 I like women. In fact, I lurrve women.
Especially when they’re screaming in my ear while having an orgasm. Uhhhh!


Sometimes guys ask me what role I play in my relationships. Are you the man o
the woman?, they say. Hmm let me see. Do I have a cock? I mean I know I have a
little facial hair, but don’t be so fucking stupid. How many times do I have to
tell you, there IS NO MAN in a lesbian relationship!


But fo
some reason, they still seem to think every lesbian needs a good hard dick inside
her to change her mind. And we all know its every man’s fantasy to be with two
lesbians. “Oh… you’re lesbians. Can I join in then?”. “Oh sure man! let me just
get my strap-on on so I can FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!