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Starring - James Adomian
Featuring - Redfoo
Also Featuring - John Roy, Ben Parks, Jon Millstein, Cassandra Walker, Paul Dupree, Sally Courtrois, Corinne Rice
Directors - Ian Skalski and Matt Mazany
Wrtten by James Adomian and John Roy
Producer - Andrew Grissom
Producer - Betsy Koch
Editors - Ian Skalski and Keegan Swyers
VFX - Ian Skalski
Graphics - Olivia Kowalczyk
Director of Photography - Aaron Ulrich
Production Designer - Kyle Smith
H/MU and SFX - Jessica Leigh Schwartz
H/MU and SFX Assist - Jen Osborne
Sound Mixer Chris Bennet for BoTown Sound
Gaffer - Ian Thomas
Key Grip - Doug Sampson
Swing - RJ Saraza
Art Assist - Ellie Del Campo
PA - Ben Parks


I'm Bernie Sanders, and I approve this message.
Hello, I'm Bernie Sanders, the independent Senator from Vermont,
and I'm running for president. Despite the fact that 80% percent
of everyone agrees with me on 90% percent of everything,
the corporate controlled media says that I can't win, because I look
like a train conductor with cotton candy hair, and I sound like a bullfrog
with a personality of a library card. In short, they say
that I'm boring.
Well frankly, that's a whole load of bunk.
Come on, I'll show you. Come on.
[Rock Music]
The top 10% percent of the top 1% percent controls more wealth
than the bottom 85% percent of the lowest 90% percent combined.
[Interposing Voices]
While the bottom 2 quartiles face a higher tax burden, than the top
quartile of the top quintile using real inflation adjusted dollars.

> Let's get ready to party!

> The top one-third of all fifths is less than nine-tenths of
the bottom of three-fourths of those same fifths.

> What the fuck?
N-no, come back.
[Music Plays]

> I think it's time to get into some hard numbers.
I promise to enact a 16 point plan for a 48 month economic recovery as
illustrated in this color coded dodecahedron.
(Male Voiceover): Bernie Sanders, he's not boring. Vote for him.

> I promise to veto the Trans-Pacific Partnership to save jobs--
(Male Voiceover): Bernie Sanders, wrap it up, he's right, but we got to go.

> No, I'm not done, because if we look at GDP as apposed to GNP--
(Male Voiceover): That's all the time we got. One minute ad.

> No, that's because I don't accept corporate campaign donations. I only take--
(Male Voiceover): Bernie Sanders, no more time. Find the website. Bye.

> Look, I will not yield the floor. I refuse to yield the floor. I will
filibuster my own campaign...