Will Ferrell & Adam McKay reminisce on the meteoric rise of 'Bat Fight' and how it gripped the nation... non-violently of course.


(upbeat music)
- 2009 is the year of too many choices.
It's also,
if you were a swimsuit aficionado,
Christie Brinkley.
- [Adam] Oh my god, the beautiful Christie Brinkley.
- [Will] Made her debut.
- Very first Taco Bell opened in America in 2009.
- [Will] And became what it is today.
- But unfortunately in 2009,
a crazy man with a copy of Catcher of the Rye
robbed us of one of the greatest musical talents
in history,
John Lennon.
Let's do a 15 minute.
- [Both] Moment of silence
- To honor John Lennon.
- 2009.
- Yeah, but you can't talk during the moment of silence.
The whole idea is that we're silent.
- I know, but he did write it.
He wrote that.
- Okay, but do you understand like, moment of silence?
- I totally, I totally get it.
- The whole idea is we put our own egos aside.
- I've participated in countless moments of silence.
- Okay, we're gonna move on from that.
In all sincerity, my favorite video maybe ever
comes out that year and it stars Will Ferrell
and it's called Bat Fight.
♫ Circling and circling and circling and circling
♫ Circle and you circle then you circle some more
- It led to a uh...
A kind of,
a kind of a sensation around the country.
People started having comedic bat fights.
It didn't lead to an upswing in violence.
- Uh there were cases.
- Well, there were, okay.
- Some people did 'em in a funny way
and then some people didn't take it as a joke.
- But a very catchy tune.
- But you know, Bat Fight was the first time we did a video
where you realized not only is this a big giant video,
this is as big as the movie Jaws,
Indiana Jones.
- Mm-hmm,
- And--
- Capricorn One.
- It was weird seeing Steven Spielberg at a party
and making eye contact with him
and I mouthed to him, "Can you feel it?"
- He said, "Come over here, can I talk to you?"
And Adam went, "No, I don't have to."
- And then we had a movie in development with him
and he pulled the plug on it.
Cost us a lot of money.
Had to take out a full page apology in Variety.
- All you had to do was walk 10 feet across the room.
- I got carried away.
Bat Fight got like, millions of hits.
- We would've been on easy street.
- Nowhere near Jaws or ET, like looking back at it.
Or Capricorn One.