This is my mac vs pc video, and first funny video

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Steve jobs [unauthorized, uncredited, sample from public domain]

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[cue nerd music/funny baby music]
PC: Hi I'm a PC
Mac: And I'm a mac! he heh heh. I'm I'm, I'm pretty see...I have a plug that goes in the wall. Its very cool. My plug is cool. You can plug it een and den I turn on and make noises and colors.
PC: Um...I have a plug too.
Mac: No shut up. Your plug is stupid. It doesnt plug like my plug does. I'm a mac. I have cool plug. I'm cool. My plug says "Ayyy". Ayyy. I tink my plug has a cool leather jacket. Your plug glasses...its got some kind of thick cant even see duh is such a stupid plug. Its not cool like my plug. I'm a mac! I have cool plug. You have a dumb plug. PC.
PC: plug goes in the wall...and it it powers me, I can turn o..
Mac: You cannot turn on! You're a stupid PC nothing turns you on! I'm a mac! I get turned on. Dats cool right? Yeah...I like to get turned on....Ayyy. Ayyy..heh heh...thats cool right? Is that still cool? Ayyy. Fonzie.
Steve Jobs: Its pretty awesome when it works.
[End Title Macs Rule PC's Drool!]