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Voiceover: Stay tuned
after watching the episode
for a sneak peek at
HBO's new comedy series,
"East Bound and Down".
Voiceover: Previously on
"Flight of the Concords" ...
Murray: Item one, Todd
is the new band member.
(tom tom sound)
Todd: I'm the third Conchord.
Mel: Oh my God!
(tom tom sound)
Jemaine: What has happened to this band?
Bret: You're fired, Bret.
(funky music) (tom tom sound)
Voiceover: Todd and I
are gonna start a group,
our own group, without Bret and [Jerome].
(funky music)
♫ (lyrics) Do the doggie bounce ♫
Murray: #1 in 24 countries.
Jemaine: Everybody's
spending a lot more time
with the Crazy Dogs than us.
Murray: Keep practicing, okay?
(tires squealing)
(funky music)
(static sound)
(choir music)
(hip hop rhythm)
(theme music plays)
Murray: Okay, band meeting, Bret ...
Jemaine: Yes.
Murray: Jemaine?
Bret: Also yes.
Murray: Murray, present of course, right.
Ah yes, item one, oh, good news ...
The CDs made double-platinum in America.
Jemaine: What? Are you
serious? What happened?
Murray: Those Crazy Dogs ...
Bret: Only sold five.
Murray: Crazy Dogs, sorry, wrong agenda.
Jemaine: [unintelligible]
Murray: Item two, now
the library you played,
they called me to say that
you stole a cushion. Did you?
Bret: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Jemaine: Yes.
Murray: Guys! You can't steal cushions!
Bret: It was just a really nice cushion.
Murray: Return it, okay?
I think, you know, you'll
feel bad if you live with that
the rest of your life ...
Every time someone came around,
"Oh, nice cushion!"
Item three, R. Kelly wants
to sing on your next song.
Jemaine: What? Are you serious?
Murray: Yup. Should I find out who he is?
Jemaine: R. Kelly?
Murray: Mmm.
Jemaine: Are you sure that's
not for the Crazy Dogs?
Murray: Yes, it's the Crazy Dogs ...
oh, it's the Crazy Dogs, sorry.
Let me see your agenda,
I've mixed these up.
This is a mess.
Crazy Dogs ...
Bret: Dear Murray, we wanna
fire you as our manager.
Murray: What?
Jemaine: What?
Murray: What's your reasoning, Bret?
Bret: You spend all your
time on the Crazy Dogs
and you don't really spend any time on us.
Murray: Before you came to me,
you were poor and you had no gigs.
Now look at you!
Bret: We're poor and we've got no gigs.
Jemaine: We're slightly poorer.
Murray: Are you really?
Jemaine: Yeah, Bret's only got one shoe.
Murray: Aw, Bret, is
that what this is about?
One shoe? I can get you another shoe ...
Bret: It's not about the
shoe, I just lost my shoe.
Murray: Not a problem, what size are you?
Bret: Size 9, but it's not
about the shoe, it's about ...
Murray: Your right foot ...
Yeah, hi, Murray here. I
need a right foot shoe ...
Jemaine: Murray, we're firing you,
we're gonna manage ourselves.
Murray: Oh, I understand it, okay, fine.
You know what? Actually,
there's another item here
on the agenda I missed
out, ah yes, here it is,
Item four, STUFF YOU!
Jemaine: Sure that's
not for the Crazy Dogs?
Jemaine: Why did I get double-stuffed?
Murray: I don't need you
guys, you're unneeded, okay?
I've got the Crazy Dogs,
they're making hit after hit.
"Doggy Bounce" #1, "Doggy Dance" #5,
"In the Pound" #37, it's not gonna stop!
It's never gonna stop!
They're a hit-making machine!
Look at their gold records!
And just to let you know,
your awards over there
they're fake! I had to make them myself!
Jemaine: What?
Murray: They're pencil sharpeners stuck to
a couple of bits of wood
to make you feel better!
Jemaine: We didn't win the Grammys?
Murray: No, you didn't!
Jemaine: I thought we won
Best New Zealand Matters.
Murray: There's no such category, Jemaine!
Jemaine: What about your
"Best Management" award?
Murray: That's fake as well.
Jemaine: We're going, Murray.
Murray: Band meeting finished!
Good luck without me, you turkeys!
(door shuts)
♫ (lyrics) Rejected, thrown away ♫
♫ Affected, I don't know what to say ♫
♫ Dejected, cast out to the sea ♫
♫ Disconnected, they didn't want me ♫
(swoosh sound)
♫ Unprotected like a baby in the snow ♫
♫ Dejected like clown without a show ♫
♫ I objected, pretended I was unaffected ♫
♫ But still ended up rejected ♫
♫ Like a cake shop without any cakes ♫
♫ Like a cornflake box
without any flakes ♫
♫ Left all alone in the world ♫
♫ Like a little orphan girl ♫
♫ Who's been neglected ♫
♫ Feel like I'm cut into two ♫
♫ Or bisected, slung,
flung, tossed, threw ♫
♫ Or trajected treated as
though I was infected ♫
♫ Disrespected ♫
(tapping sound)
Glen: Murray?
Murray: One moment ...
♫ And rejected ♫
Yes, Glen? What was that again?
Glen: There's a call for you from Poland,
a lawyer, he said he's been trying to
reach you all morning.
Murray: Please tell him I'm not there.
I'm not here, either. I'm not anywhere.
(funky music)
Voiceover: Sounds pretty good.
Murray: These guys? They'll
never hit the big time ...
They're too devious.
Voiceover: Crowd likes them all right.
Murray: Trust me though,
they're devious. I know.
(audience applauds)
Murray: (clears throat)
Jemaine: Oh, Murray,
what are you doing here?
Murray: I just thought I'd come and see
how you were doing without me.
Just to let you know,
there was a lot of things
I used to do behind the scenes, all right?
Stuff that you guys don't know about.
Jemaine: What, when we couldn't see you?
Murray: Yeah.
Jemaine: What would you be
doing behind the scenes?'
Bret: Having dinner?
Murray: No, managing you guys.
Bret: Go to the movies?
Murray: Photocopying, um, heggling ...
Jemaine: Heggling?
Murray: Yup.
Um, heggling ...
Jemaine: Heggling?
Murray: Yeah, , do you
know what that means?
Jemaine: Is that a word
that you just made up?
Murray: It's made up, yeah ...
Bret: I thought tonight's
gig went really well,
had a big crowd.
Martin: Unbelievable.
Murray: That's unbelievable.
Bret: Hello.
Kaitlyn: Hi.
Jemaine: Hi.
Martin: I'm Martin
Clark, President and CEO
of Great Expectations,
one of the top agencies
here in New York, I love what you guys do.
You're fantastic. I
particularly like one of you.
Jemaine and Bret: Thank you.
Martin: This is my
colleague, Kaitlyn Goodman.
Kaitlyn: Hey.
Murray: So we just came
by your gig tonight
completely by accident,
but it's the kind of
accident I like to be in.
We think you'd be perfect
to write a new jingle
for a campaign we're doing.
Jemaine: Oh, we don't use
our music to sell products.
Martin: This could make you so
rich you'll be shitting money.
Kaitlyn: Literally, if you wanted.
Jemaine: We might have to
have a meeting about this.
Bret: Yeah, let's have an
emergency band meeting.
Martin: No, please, go on.
Kaitlyn: Go, please, go ahead.
Bret: Okay, emergency
band meeting, Jemaine?
Jemaine: Yes.
Bret: Bret, present. Item
one, band merchandise.
Jemaine: I've the done the t-shirt ...
Bret: This shirt?
Jemaine: Yes, this is my band t-shirt.
Bret: Of ...
Jemaine: Well, I've written "Flight of the
Conchords" in tiny letters in paint.
Bret: Oh, that's good.
Jemaine: But we can't
tell him tonight because
I'm wearing it.
Bret: I've made the dolls ...
Here's your doll ...
And my doll ...
Jemaine: Oh, that's great. How'd you get
the jacket so realistic?
Bret: Yeah, that's real
denim and I just want
to get some of your hair.
Jemaine: Item two, item
two, item two, the jingle.
Bret: Item two, oh, the jingle ...
Jemaine: I think it sounds
like a good opportunity.
Bret: Let's do it.
Jemaine: We've decided we'd
like to do the jingle, please.
Martin: Hey, that's terrific!
Bret: Yes, please.
Martin: It's for a new organic toothpaste
for women only.
Jemaine: For women?
Kaitlyn: Women only.
Martin: Not many people know this,
but women have very different
dental needs from men.
Kaitlyn: We do.
Jemaine: Can I try some?
Martin: Um, I don't think so.
It's really for women only.
What I really want you
to do is think about it
because when I saw you guys tonight,
I thought, "Here's two
men who know exactly
what women feel like."
Jemaine: Thank you.
Bret: Thanks.
Martin: Great. All right,
here, email me, okay?
Martin underscore Clark at
Bret: Underscore is your middle name?
Martin: Why don't you just
come down to the office,
the address is right there on the card,
and I need a demo by the
end of the week, cool?
Bret: Yes.
Jemaine: Uh, yes.
(guitar music)
What do women like?
Bret: Men?
Jemaine: Some of them do.
Bret: Yeah.
♫ (lyrics) Some women like
men, some are lesbian ♫
♫ Femident Toothpaste ♫
Bret: That's almost
half, that's half of it.
Jemaine: Women love
weaving, they love to weave.
Bret: Nah, weaving is a man's game.
Jemaine: Bret, you've
got a woman in front of
a weaving machine and just watch her go.
Bret: No, honestly, my dad weaves ...
My grandfather was a weaver ...
Jemaine: I thought your
dad was a sheep lawyer.
Bret: Yeah, during the day,
but at night he weaves a lot
and I come from a family of weavers.
Jemaine: I've never seen a man weave.
Bret: I love weaving. I'm
weaving at the moment.
Making a pair of trousers.
Women's rights?
Jemaine: No, that's more
of a man's thing isn't it?
Sorry ...
Bret: Um, no, it's
definitely a woman's thing.
Jemaine: No, my father's
a woman's rights activist.
Bret: Your dad?
Jemaine: Yeah.
Bret: Not your mum?
Jemaine: No. Mum? No. Dad
wouldn't allow that. No way.
Dave: They like wrestling
and cooking oil on a plane.
Jemaine: Seems like a
ridiculous generalization.
Dave: No, these women I met ...
I took them up on a plane ...
They were making a salad
and the next thing you know,
they're just wrestling at 85,000 feet.
Bret: You know any actual women, Dave?
Dave: Yeah, pretty much.
Jemaine: You said there'd be
a lot of women here today.
Dave: Well, there usually is, Jemaine.
I don't know why they're not here.
They're probably just doing Brazilians.
They'll show up, don't worry.
(guitar music)
Murray: Oh hey, guys. Come in.
Bret: Hi Murray.
Murray: Um, basically I
just wanted to check in,
see how you guys were getting on.
It's not as easy, is it, without me?
Jemaine: It's a bit easier.
Bret: Real easy.
Jemaine: We thought it would be easy
and it turned out to be easier.
Murray: So you thought
it was gonna be easy,
and it's even easier than you thought.
Bret: It's easier than easy.
Murray: Oh okay, so
you're telling me it was
unbelievably easy?
Bret: Yeah, we're doing a
jingle for a toothpaste ad.
Murray: Look, I know what
these advertising people
are like, Bret, okay?
I've been to Bangkok.
Now Monday, you're trying
to do a TV commercial,
they're filming it, it's
all about toothpaste,
then Tuesday they're
trying to film you naked!
Yup! Next thing you know, you're getting
drugs thrown at you and all because
you don't have proper management.
Happens all the time, guys.
Bret: Well, it was good to see you, mate.
Jemaine: We gotta write a jingle.
Murray: Just hang on, okay?
Do you guys know what
professional opinions are?
Bret and Jemaine: Yes.
Murray: You do? Do you have them?
Jemaine: Yes.
Bret: Yeah.
Murray: Good, because I need some.
Take a look at this ...
(music plays)
Jemaine: I can't stand this song.
Murray: Look at that.
Okay, that's not what
I wanted to show you.
Now look at this.
(music plays)
Okay? Now, opinion time.
Is that one, in any way,
similar to the first one?
Jemaine: Yes, in that
it's exactly the same.
Bret: Yeah, very similar.
Murray: I'll tell you why it's similar ...
Because this Polish one is what's known as
cover version, okay?
Now, the only problem
is this cover version
came out 13 years before the
Crazy Dogs original version.
Bret: Hmm.
Murray: So my question to you is ...
Is that bad or do you think that's normal?
Jemaine: I think it's probably bad.
Murray: Okay, well that's
what the lawyer said.
I've got two bads, how about you, Bret?
You you think that's bad?
Bret: Mm, bad.
Murray: Normal?
Bret: Bad. I think it's probably bad.
Murray: You think that's normal, do you?
Bret: I think it's bad.
Murray: All right, so I've got ...
So you're normal ...
Bret: No, I'm bad.
Murray: You're bad?
Bret: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Murray: I've got three ...
Excuse me? I said wait till
the meeting's finished, please!
Excuse me, careful with that!
That's worth $20,000!
It was a gift from Tori Amos!
Bret: You're moving the office, Murray?
Murray: I'm kind of moving ...
Which brings me to item three.
Would any of you like to buy a disk?
(people shouting)
Mel: Oh hey, guys!
Hey, can you believe this
Crazy Dog controversy?
This is such bullshit, right?
You should've seen Doug
when he heard what happened!
He went berzerk!
Doug: Actually I think Mel
really went more berzerk ...
Mel: Oh, stop hogging the
conversation, Doug, it's rude.
Jemaine: It is rude.
Doug: But I wasn't really hogging ...
Mel: Conversation hog, "Oink, oink, oink!
I've got something to say all the time!"
Look who's talking, are we
gonna light this fire or what?
Doug: You know, I think
it's against city laws
to start a fire on the sidewalk.
Mel: Oh my God, Doug ...
Bret: Good luck with the CD burning.
Mel: Hand me that gasoline can, all right?
Looks like I'm gonna have to
do this by myself as usual.
Doug: Yeah, but I don't ...
Mel: Why did you come, Doug, if you didn't
want to light a fire?
(funky music)
Dave: What's the problem?
Bret: Do you think we're selling out
by doing the jingle?
Dave: No way, man. Some of
the best songs are jingles.
Jemaine: Well, that's why
we need to talk to you.
We need to negotiate a deal and we've got
no idea how to do it.
Dave: Well, good luck
for you, then because
you're only in Dave's House of Deals.
The D in my name stands for Deal.
Did you know that the word "Dave" actually
means "deal" in Latino?
Doing a deal's easy as
long as you know how.
How much you give me for this?
Bret: A dollar.
Bret: Two dollars.
Bret: Four dollars.
Dave: SOLD!
Jemaine: What?
Dave: I just made him pay nearly 10 times
what he wanted to pay in the first place.
Jemaine: You just manipulated him.
Dave: It's called the "Dave
Double-Down Technique".
How do you think I got that macrame owl?
Bret: It's cool.
Dave: Yeah.
Bret: That was a good one.
Okay, thanks, man.
Dave: There's your pen, just
give me my four dollars.
Four dollars, please ...
Bret: I thought it was an exercise.
Dave: Yeah, you gotta
learn the whole lesson.
Bret: That's fine, yeah.
Dave: I'm gonna waive the tax.
Thanks for the table and
good luck out there, guys.
(funky music)
Martin: The song! Wow! (laughs)
Bret: Do you like it?
Martin: Oh, loved it!
Kaitlyn: Loved it! You are
speaking for women by women.
Martin: Now, there's certain parts though,
that I think can use a little work.
This song is 18 minutes long ...
We're talking about a 30
second commercial here.
Jemaine: We thought it
would be more of a concept.
Martin: Well, I know
you're from New Zealand,
what is this, Lord of the Rings?
We don't have all day.
Kaitlyn: Also the lyrics
don't really fit the product.
They're not cohesive at all.
Jemaine: Some of them
aren't about toothpaste,
they're just things in our life.
Martin: Yeah.
Kaitlyn: They don't make sense.
Jemaine: Okay, so just talk
about toothpaste, really.
Kaitlyn: Yes.
Martin: And I have some big news for you.
I've convinced the client to
put you guys on the ad on TV.
Bret: Do we get more money?
Martin: We haven't
mentioned the money, yet.
Let's talk money.
Jemaine: We were wondering
if you could double it.
Martin: I haven't
mentioned the fee, yet ...
Jemaine: Forget I said
that, what is the fee?
I'm sorry, Bret ...
Martin: The fee's $1,000
each, how about that?
Jemaine: Sorry, now I say it, double it.
Martin: I am doubling
it, it was going to be
$500 each, that would have been $1,000 ...
Kaitlyn: He already
doubled it in his mind.
Martin: Yeah, I doubled it just now.
$1,000 each?
Jemaine: Yes.
Martin: Do we have a deal?
Bret: Oh, that's good.
Martin: Congratulations!
Kaitlyn: Congratulations.
Martin: You're the feminine boys.
(guitar music)
Jemaine: Murray!
Murray: Morning, guys!
Bret: Hi!
Murray: Actually, get in the car,
there's something I
wanna talk to you about.
Jemaine: You okay, Murray?
Murray: Of course. Why?
(door shuts)
Jemaine: No reason.
Murray: Bret, can you
get a pencil out of my
stationery cabinet there, please?
Bret: Where's that?
Murray: The glove box there.
Bret: There you go.
Murray: Thank you.
(grinding pencil)
Larry: Now I've got something
I wanna talk to you about.
I don't know really how to say it,
so I'm just gonna say it, okay?
Can I be your manager again?
Jemaine: No.
Murray: Right, sorry,
should have done the, Bret?
Jemaine: You're not managing
us. We don't do roll call.
Bret: It's not a meeting, then?
Murray: Please! Come on, guys!
Jemaine: Things are going
well for us. We told you.
Murray: Well, it's not going well for me!
Bret: Why don't you just
take your old job back
at the Consulate?
Murray: I can't do that,
Bret. I've moved on.
Look at me, I'm not going back there.
Plus, when I quit, I told them
all to go stuff themselves.
Jemaine: Really? To their faces?
Murray: No, I wrote it down,
but it's the same feeling.
Imagine reading that!
Okay? I'm probably being ostracized now.
[unintelligible]. You
know what that means?
Bret: No.
Jemaine: You're not at a yacht race?
Murray: Yeah. They don't talk to me.
Bret: You living in your car, mate?
Murray: No. Of course not, it's illegal.
You can't do that! Apparently.
Unless you move your
vehicle every three hours.
I've gotta go. That's enough, thank you.
Out you get, gone, both of you.
Jemaine: That's wasn't
a meeting, Murray ...
Doesn't count as a meeting.
Murray: Okay. Gone! Nice
pants! Are they woven?
Bret: These are man-made.
Murray: Wow!
(car ignition sound)
(funky music)
♫ (lyrics) You are a woman,
you wear women's wear ♫
♫ You have breasts and long-ish hair ♫
♫ You're kind of found everywhere ♫
♫ Yet you're still very rare, oh yeah ♫
♫ You're a woman and you love to weave ♫
♫ You're a woman, you have woman's needs ♫
♫ I know you'll have women's rights ♫
♫ You're a woman with
teeth now take a bite ♫
♫ Oh Femident Toothpast, yeah ♫
♫ For your feminine dental care, oh yeah ♫
♫ Oh Femident Toothpaste ♫
♫ Femident, Femident, Femident ♫
Voiceover: Great! Okay.
(bell rings) Martin: Great stuff, guys!
Kaitlyn: Yeah, fantastic stuff!
Martin: Now, if you'll
just fill out these forms
and get us copies of your work permits,
we are done here today!
Bret: Mmm, we don't have work permits.
Kaitlyn: Oh, uh, oh,
because you're foreign,
you need work permits
or green cards, so ...
Jemaine: Green card?
Martin: Yes, green cards.
You do have a green card, right?
Jemaine: Just a bit of card?
Bret: It's just a greenish card?
Kaitlyn: No, it's an actual ...
Jemaine: Is it like a library card?
Kaitlyn: Are you legally
allowed to work in this country?
Bret: I don't think we're legally
allowed to be in the country.
Jemaine: No, we're illegal immigrants.
Martin: I think you better be
in touch with your attorneys.
Kaitlyn: You bastards better bring your
passports in and show us
your damn work permits!
(buzzing sound)
(cell phone rings)
Murray: Hello, Murray speaking.
Bret: Murray, it's Bret.
Murray: Oh, hello, Bret. How are you?
Bret: Not so good, we need our passports.
Murray: Well, you know
I don't have them, Bret.
They're in the Consulate Office.
I'm actually just outside
there now by chance.
Bret: It's just we're in
a little bit of trouble.
Murray: You're in trouble?
Jemaine: Legal trouble.
Bret: Uh yeah, Jemaine's just
saying we're in legal trouble.
Murray: Well, just calm
down. Are you sitting down?
Bret: Yeah, we are sitting down.
Murray: Okay, what have you got on?
Bret: We've got blue robes on,
we're not wearing anything ...
Bret: Can you just bring our passports and
some green cards, please?
Murray: All right.
Bret: Thanks.
(funky music)
(elevator ding)
Murray: Psst! Greg! It's me, Murray!
Oh Greg, I just wanted to say, all right?
Straight up, I'm very, very ...
I don't have a purpose, okay?
Greg: I think there are a
couple messages you had ...
Murray: No, just give
us a chance, all right?
This is not easy for me, all right?
I wasn't myself. The things
I put in that letter,
Greg: One from May, something about your
gym membership expiring and one from the
prime minister from September and
one just before Christmas,
no, that was a wrong number.
Murray: Okay.
Greg: Is there anything
else I can do for you?
Murray: Ah, nope. No,
that's good, thank you.
Guys! Psst! Come here! Come here!
Come here!
Well, good news, guys, I got my job back,
I got your passports.
Jemaine: That's great.
Bret: Good.
Murray: Bad news, guys,
your passports aren't ready.
They're not processed.
Jemaine: Have you hidden them?
Murray: No, they're in my cupboard.
Jemaine: You just said you hid them.
Murray: I've got them in my cupboard.
Bert: You got our work visas?
Murray: Don't have work visas.
You've never needed them before,
you've never had a proper job.
This is exactly what happens when you
try and manage yourselves.
If you stuck with me, you wouldn't be in
this job situation, would you?
Bret: What are we gonna tell Martin?
Murray: I don't know. You're
managing yourselves now.
Look at you, no idea what to do.
Right, now listen to me ...
If you hire me back,
I'll tell you what to do.
Come on.
Jemaine: Okay.
Bret: All right, you're our band manager.
Murray: Really?
Bret: What should we do?
Murray: You miss me?
Jemaine: Welcome back, no.
Bret: A little bit.
Murray: A little bit?
Okay, now here's my advice.
I think we should run for
it, come on, let's go!
(car squeals)
Good managing, hey guys?
Oh Bret, that's for you.
Bret: Oh man!
Murray: I managed to get you a shoe, hey?
Bret: Thanks, Murray.
Murray: That's okay. You know what?
I think there's a guardian
angel looking after us.
Jemaine: Murray couldn't have
possibly gone [unintelligible].
Murray: Somewhere up there,
someone's looking down
making sure everything
turns out okay for us.
Jemaine: I'm sure of it.
(guitar music)
♫ (lyrics) There are angels
in the clouds doin' it ♫
♫ There are angels doin'
it, doin' it, doin' it ♫
♫ Doin' it, doin' it, doin'
it, doin' it in the clouds ♫
♫ Behind the shroud of the
clouds, foolin' 'round ♫
♫ In the clouds they're lying ♫
♫ Feathers flyin', angels sighin' ♫
♫ There are angels ♫
♫ Nobody knows what goes
on under those robes ♫
♫ Pushin' and puffin'
and huffin' and heavin' ♫
♫ Pushin' and puffin'
and huffin' and heavin' ♫
♫ Up there they're
playin' the lovin' game ♫
♫ Makin' rain, turnin' white clouds gray ♫
♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫
♫ Doin' it ♫
♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫
♫ Doin' it ♫
♫ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♫
♫ Doin' it, doin' it, doin'
it, doin' it, doin' it ♫
♫ Doin' it ♫
(theme song plays)
(beep) Voiceover: Tell me ...
McBride: Tell you what?
Ferrell: Uh, my name's Will Ferrell ...
McBride: To you or to the camera? To you?
Ferrell: I'm an executive producer.
McBride: Well, I am Danny McBride.
I created this show and wrote it.
Kenny Powers is sort of our take on like
the state of the modern American hero.
Powers: I said I'm gonna [unintelligible]!
Ferrell: Kenny Powers
is just the opposite.
McBride: When you really
take a look at this guy,
it's like he's the worst
person who's ever lived.
Ferrell: He still is
holding onto this awkward
dream that he has the
abilities to get back
to the big league.
Voiceover: You're not the only
athlete here at Jeff Davis!
I happen to be training
for a triathlon right now.
Well, you know all about that!
Powers: No, actually, I
don't. I play real sports.
I try to be the best
at exercising. (laughs)
Ferrell: You know, it's a
funny twist on the whole,
like small town hero who
goes on to great things
and professional sports.
McBride: And deserves all
this redemption without
putting any of the hard work
into like a real redemption.
Powers: I need to
remember that I AM better
than everybody else!
Ferrell: I am playing Ashley Shaffer of
world-famous Ashley Shaffer BMW.
Shaffer: All right?
Powers: Whoa!
Ferrell: I got very close to hitting Danny
in the nuts on multiple times.
McBride: He knocked 'em,
really, with his knuckle,
it's not the first time he's done that.
He called 'em my "berries".
Ferrell: He's got a total trucker mouth.
McBride: Big time.
Ferrell: Highly creative
in that department.
Boy: When you did steroids,
did it make your balls shrink?
Powers: No, for your information,
I have full-size balls.
Next question ...
(theme song plays)