Ten years ago, the "Crackberry" seemed like the height of technological distraction. How adorable is that?

Full Credits

Writer: Jon Millstein
Director: Allan McLeod
Producer: Sean Dacanay
Michael Blaiklock
Mano Agapion
Fiona Landers
Becky Robinson
Darren Miller
Director of Photography: Scott G. Field
Gaffer: David Kitchner
Editor: Adriana Robles
H&MU: Danielle Rotella
Sound: Ryan Kaiser
PA: Matt Myers

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December 21, 2015


Yeah, my weekend was
pretty quiet.
I did see the
movie Hitch.
Ooh, that's a new release.
Yeah, it just came
out this year.
Megan, what did you
get up to?
You know what? Don't even
bother. She's on her CrackBerry.
What? Sorry. I was just
finishing an email.
Yeah. We know you were
Megan. You're always
staring at that smartphone of yours. Sometimes even
during conversations.
You're so addicted to that
thing, we could call
it CrackBerry.
Well, it could be worse.
No it couldn't.
CrackBerry is as bad as it's ever going to be.
[phone dings]
Uh-oh. That's a text.
She got a text.
[phone dings]
Wait, and now what?
Like a text-ply? I don't know.
It's a BBM.
A what?
Okay. Two forms of
messaging on one device.
That's excessive Megan.
Two types of messaging
are the most types of
messaging there will ever be.
Three if you count
email. Oh, I have
a headache.
I mean, if there were
any more than that with
new ways to get a message,
or post something
coming up every day. I mean,
our Megan would really
be in trouble. She'd have
to go to rehab for CrackBerry.
Hey, when's staff
meeting today?
Oh, let me check.
You have your calendar
inside your phone?
I mean, why is it in there?
We've got a calender
right here. We have a paper
one. What?
Hey, look behind you.
Yeah, look behind
you. Watch out.
What's that thing?
What's that thing?
I mean that thing is as
addictive as crack cocaine.
Hey Megan.
Megan: Hey.
I got your BBM.
That makes two people in
this room who have CrackBerries.
Listen guys, at least now we
know that we've reached
saturation point. Right?
Like, no more than two
people in any given group
of 5 will ever have CrackBerries.
Yeah, and you can take
that to the bank!
[cell phone sound]
[cell phone sound]
[cluster of cell phone
rings and notification sounds]
Hey guys, who's the
CrackBerry heads now?
Oh my dear.
I can't believe it.
That is so funny.
[Funny or Die ending jingle]