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John Travolta: This could be the most high
profile criminal case
John Travolta: in the history
of the world.
Kanye West: Beyonce had one of the
best videos of all time.
Bruce Greenwood: The worse day of my life.
Worse than the day I was
Bruce Greenwood: diagnosed with cancer.
Reporter: Do you think you'll
have a third child Kanye?
Reporter: Kanye, do you think
you'll have a third child?
Kanye West: Perhaps.
Excuse me.
David Schwimmer: Robert Kardashian.
I'm sure I'm on the list.
Kanye West: Kanye: Everybody says,
"Who does he think he is?"
Kanye West: I just told you who
I thought I was,
Kanye West: A god.
Kanye West: Kanye: That's who
I think I am.
Courtney B. Vance: Something big is
happening here.
Kanye West: I just told you.
Bruce Greenwood: Why is it always
the famous ones?
Bruce Greenwood: If any of you
assist him,
[camera shutters]
Bruce Greenwood: you are committing
a felony.
Bruce Greenwood: Bruce: You will
be prosecuted.
Female Voice: One term
came up a lot.
Kanye West: ♪ I ain't saying' she's
a gold digger ♪
Gold digger.
David Schwimmer: Gold digger?
Kanye West: ♪ But she ain't messin'
with no broke... ♪
He always had
that temper.
Kanye West: Tell everybody, never talk.
Don't talk ever again.
Kanye West: Yo! I said...
David Schwimmer: Father, please, please,
please, have mercy on him.
Kanye West: I am the number one,
most impactful artist of
Kanye West: our generation.
Kanye West: I am Shakespeare
in the flesh.
Kanye West: Walt Disney. Nike.
John Travolta: You're still in
the game.
Female Voice:
He's acted like this for years.
Female Voice:
He's a not stable...
James Corden: What do you think
is wrong?
Dr. Phil: Does it really take
a professional?
Female Voice: She was
terrified of him.
Taylor Swift: There are going to be
people along the way who
Taylor Swift: will try to undercut your
success, or take credit
Taylor Swift: for your accomplishments
or your fame.
David Schwimmer: David: He left a note.
David Schwimmer: It's terrible.
David Schwimmer: I don't know what we're
supposed to do with it.
David Schwimmer: I mean, do we need to
give it to the police?
John Travolta: Jesus Christ.
Sarah Paulson: I want him to pay for
what he's done.
The tape is here.
Kanye West: Kanye: ♪ I'm miss the old Kanye ♪
Kanye West: Kanye: ♪ Straight from
the gold Kanye ♪
Kanye West: Kanye: What if Kanye made
a song about Kanye,
Kanye West: Kanye: how I miss
the old Kanye?
Kanye West: Kanye: And I love you
like Kanye loves Kanye.
[music playing]