Christopher Walken invites Richard Belzer over to cook a meal for you.

Full Credits

Starring: Christopher Walken, Richard Belzer
Featuring: Alise Shoemaker, Scarlett Benchley
Written by Danny Jelinek, Ryan Perez
Directed by Danny Jelinek
Produced by Michelle Fox
Executive Producer: Jordan Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Oeser
AD: Rob Lopez
DP: Paul Rondeau
Camera Operator: Brian Wengrofsky
1st AC: Jeff Brink
2nd AC: Nathan Danilczuk
Gaffer: Zach Poots
Electrician: Andrew Hubbard
Key Grip: Dylan Laziza
Grip: Drew Verderame
Swing: Matt Kessler
DIT: Donavon de Cesare
Production Design: Noah Grant-Levine, Gino Fortebuono
Wardrobe: Molly Youker
Hair/Makeup: Tressa Digiorgi
Sound: SilverSound
PA: Jeff Yang, Jonah Einstein, Christa Boarini, Jaime Andrews, Larry Ricketts, Connor Lynch
Special Thanks: Toni Howard, Bill and Ann Sheffer, Annie Keefe


(upbeat music)
->Hi, I'm Chris Walken.Oh please, come in.My name is, Richard.Hi, I'm Skylar.And your name is?Elise.Richard and I start our culinary journeyIt's a great road.So here we are.Chicken.We need pears.Pears.Grab a couple of lemons.Sorry.
->Come on, Richard.Have a great day.So we got the chicken.Chris.Nice.Yeah, all we need to get is potatoes and we can go.We need to get to the petting zoo.Come on!That goat does not care.
->Come on!Later that same dayYou got a Hawaiian shirt?This is always good.So the pears will cook with the chicken?Yes.Inside or in the same pan?All in the same pan.Really, that much?This is a big chicken.So you wanna put some Old Bay on it?That's good.What's the temperature of the oven?Oh yeah, we should heat the oven.You just guide it onto there.Here we've got an onion, then we've got some pears,Should I make a salad?Yes.Yes.Great.Yes.You know they make the film Ten Best List?That's insane.Isn't that crazy?Citizen Kane is like The Last Supper.You like Spartacus?Alright, so you're cooking shrimp and scallops together.Because the oil gets infused with a little bit of orange.I got ya.Oh!Patient is ready.With the food now readySo, this is the life.Thank you for cutting the chicken.That's right.Can you do that or is that too hard?We'll cut to a clock spinning around,Jet packs?Yeah, in the '50s in school we had these booksYou don't have a jet pack?No, James Bond had one, remember?That's right.I know what I wanted to think of--No, I think we need some help here.No, we're gonna cut to the calendars and clock.Wine as a kid.They didn't have a spit bucket?It was difficult after awhile.Here's to your health and our friendship.No?Look how great that artwork is.That's a terrible picture.Of course.Take a picture.Just the nose.Get it really big.Is there any dessert?I'm stuffed.Me too.