Breast feeding is a beautiful, natural thing.

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Starring: Beth Littleford, Stephnie Weir



> So congratulations.
I'm thrilled for you.
What's your due date?

> December 25th.

> Oh, it's so exciting.
You're gonna breastfeed, right?

> I'm planning on it.

> It's so good for the kids.
I breastfed Hop.
He's never been on an antibiotic, never
had an ear infection, never been sick.
It's, you know what, it's frustrating
though, is
this country was a little uptight about

> I'm fine with it.
I've never been uncomfortable.

> Speaking of which, hey baby, okay hold
on a second, she's hungry.

> Oh.

> So I gotta.

> Oh, [BABY_CRYING] did you want to drape
that over?
[BABY_CRYING] Or I have a shawl in the car
if you're.

> No, I'm a little hot, I just want to be
comfortable, yeah.

> [BABY_CRYING] I was not gonna have a
drink, but I think I might have some.

> [BABY_CRYING] Ahh, here you go baby,
here you go.
Oh, she's fussy, she's.
You know what helps?
If you stand and jiggle, sway, pat.

> Oh, I got it thanks.

> Shh.
What are you looking at?

> You're naked.

> Sicko, swear to God.

> How long does she normally nurse?

> Depends on how tough your nipples are.

> Maybe we can move to one of the tables
with an umbrella.

> Not you too.
[BABY_FUSSING] [SIGH]Breastfeeding is a
natural, beautiful thing.
I don't know why people are so uptight
about it.

> It's so natural.
It's a natural thing.

> Oh, here's Hop.

> Mom, I'm thirsty.

> Thank God I don't have three kids.
[LAUGH] Come here.
Whoop, got away from me, sorry.
[LAUGH] Sorry, sorry.