Frime Haim (Brie Larson), a.k.a. the other Haim sister, is finally ready to join... more »

Full Credits

Brie Larson as Frime Haim
Alana Haim as herself
Este Haim as herself
Danielle Haim as herself
Carnie Wilson as Mrs. Haim
Writer - D'Arcy Carden
Writer - Jen Statsky
Executive Producer - Jason Carden
Director - Lucia Aniello
Producer - Kate Lilly
Editor - Jennifer Chung
Post Producer - Alex Parks
Director of Photography - Hana Kitasei
Cam Op - Angelia Sciulli
Swing - Joey Luu
Makeup - Brielle McKenna
Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami
Production Manager - Vin Rella
Set PA - Chiara Montali
Second Unit -
Ryan Bender
Matt Krueger
Jack Bradley

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(drum beat)
Este>Is Grandma okay?I know, sheI don't know.It's a little weird.My beautiful sisters are here!Hi!Okay...Come on sit down, sit down, sit down!Thanks.Okay.Let's go!Okay.Okay, thank you guys for coming overOh.Okay, do you want the Kool-Aid or not?I'm, yeah, I'm fine.
->I'm okay on Kool-Aid.So what's going on?Oh, no, this has nothing
to do with Grandma.
I haven't spoken to Grandma in six years,
ever since she got really mad
because I stole her identity.
->Oh, you did, though.Right, but she didn't have
to be such a B about it.
That's what I--
->Yeah, clear.
->That stands for B.Why are we here?Okay, so I brought you here todayThis is Mom's home.Okay, it's me and Mom's home.Oh.Okay.All right.Frime.Well why the frick not?I mean, they weren't siblings.Oh, really, they just happenedThey're not related.Please!Frime.Mm-hmm?Your last name is Haim.Frime Haim.That's your name.Because you never tell me anything!But like...What do you do?I sing.Danielle plays guitar.I have a PhD, actually.Okay, I didn't ask for youOkay.I'll have you know that I've
been working on my own tunes
in the studio.
->Oh, what...Well, do you remember Lavender?Your gynecologist?Well, she has her own studioOh.Okay.So, anyway, I wrote this song.Take your time.(whispers) HaimYeah, that's...Okay, that's "Hey Jude."Well, what can I say?Oh!Hi, Mommy!Oh yay!Mom!Mom!Oh my god!
->No.There's already four
girls in this band, Mom,
get out!