Comedian, Michael Freed talks about what is keeping him single.
Published December 29, 2012 15 views More Info ยป
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Published: December 29, 2012
I'm single. I know. It's hard to believe that a man of this fine quality could still be on the market, but sadly it's true. I think one of the reasons I'm still single is a lot of the women I meet don't actually realise that I'm single. and it's because I have a female best friend. We love each other. We go everywhere and do everything together. We'll even share the same bed sometimes, but there's no sex involved, no passion in our relationship. It's just like we skipped dating and went straight to marriage. It's not quite like marraiage. I get to keep all of my credit cards. I guess it is more like brother and sister. I admit, I want more from the relationship like West Virginia siblings, or Polk County.