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Full Credits

New Dad State of Mind"
Juston McKinney, Lyrics & Vocals
Renee Dupuis, Vocals
Shaun Michaud, Music & Engineering
Bob Lord, Music Producer
Produced by Juston McKinney, Michael Venn, Marc Dole and Bob Lord
Directed & Edited by Marc Dole
Cinematography by Jonathon Millman
Still Photography by PT Sullivan
Art Direction - Rebecca Jones
Renee's hair by Carole Pucci
Alex Knuuttunen
Andrew Bohenko
Jib Operator
Dave Langley
Hair & Makeup
Carole Pucci
Production Assistant
Jessica Jule Rather

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Yeah Yeah, I’m up at midnight, down in baby mecca,
Right next to my boy yo, where I’ll be forever,
I’m the (a) new father, I’m the reason he’s here,
Can’t take him just anywhere, Yeah I’d love to take him everywhere,

I used to eat in style, sip Americano’s,
Now there’s no way, it’s a drive thru at McDonalds
Took him to a fun spot, just off state street,
Spent the next 30 minutes tryin to get him in his car seat.

Cruising down main street, never get that Lexus.
The only thing for sure is I’ll be getting sex less.
Me I’m out of bed again , look for that boy’s binky
Eight hours sleep has become a fantasy.

Kid stay up and cry cry, feel I’m gonna die die.
Sitting bedside rings and bags under my eyes
Tell ya I be burned out, trying to start a family
Tell by my attitude that I am most definitely a-

New Dad, lego jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothing they won’t chew, now you’re a new dad,
These kids will make you feel brand new, the nights will tire you. Let’s hear it for New dad, new dad, new dad.

Friend got tix to go see a Sox/Yankee game
Can’t, I got a crankee kid, better not become a Yankee fan.
You should know I want to, but I can’t Yo
But I got a gang of Tigga’s walking in my clique though.

Another product recall, now he’s got a shine
I’d like to find some toys that don’t say “made in CHINA”.
AA, AAA, C, D nothing ever comes with a battery.

Eight million daddies out there chasing kids butt naked
Try to get them on the potty, half of em’all won’t make it.
Me I gotta see my single friends, they got it made,
I’m hearing stories of them how they getting laid.

Three blind mice, Elmo and the three little piggy
Disney on ice Parade, rest in peace Walt Disney
long live Mr. Rogers, Long live the Suess yo, I’m from the generation that’s now-

A new dad, play-do jungle where dreams are made of,
No more free time for you, now you’re a new dad,
Don’t know what you were thinking, could be out with friends drinking,
Let’s hear it for new dad, new dad, new dad.

Outlet covers, safety locks, put up a Baby gate…
It could be worse, at least we’re not John and Kate
That’s what happens when you do Envitro
We’re only having two though, we aint got that Brad and Angelina doe.

Pampers, Huggies, Bottles, don’t forget the Similac?
Ounce for ounce costs more than a bag of crack.
Daycare, baby sitters, gerber, baby clothes,
Better get a DVR if you want to watch your favorite shows

Everyday you hear about some new allergy.
Soy, wheat, dairy, nuts, oh dam there’s a bee.
Sunblock, Desitin, wet wipes, don’t forget the bug spray,
How the hell you set up this (mother) friggin pack and play.

Little tikes playskool, graduated to the dad life,
Night terrors, monsters, addicted to his night light
Baby Monitor got you hearing that he’s up again,
The kid he never sleeps wish I could slip him an ambien.

A new dad, playground jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s always a job to do, now you’re a new dad,
At least it should satisfy you,
To know one day will be their turn too, to be a New dad, new dad, new dad.

One hand in the air for all our kiddies.
Night lights, big dreams all looking pretty,
No face in the world can compare
Put your child proof lighters in the air, everybody say Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

A new dad playground jungle where memories are made of,
Now it seems hard on you, being a new dad
Just when it feels you’ve made it through,
She says another is due….. Let’s hear it for New dad’s New dad’s New dad’s.