When you're having a crazy night out with the girls, you never know what kind of apps you'll need.
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Additional Credits:
Starring Emma Stone
Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Written by Lauren Palmigiano and Chad Carter
Edited by Dustin Bowser
Director of Photography Ricky Fosheim
Gaffer - Kevin Stewart
Key Grip - David Cronin
Grip - Jordan Downey
Grip - Brad Schulz
Electrician - Andrew Chrighton
Produced by The FOD Team
Special Thanks: Steve Bauerfiend, Michael Rapkin, Holly Shakoor
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Emma Stone: With the iPhone, if you're planning a night out with the girls and you need more than three-way calling, there's an app for that.
Emma Stone: What if you want to know all the bars in the area having a ladies drink specials? What if the bartender doesn't know how to make your favorite drink? The iPhone can tell you if you're suddenly partying too hard.
Emma Stone: You wondering who that bi*ch talking to your boyfriend is? That's Jennifer and she's a slut. Need to find out if your so-called faithful boyfriend is lying to your face? As*hole! Well, there's an app for that!
Emma Stone: What about what wine goes best with swallowing feelings of rage? You can quickly find the most threatening way to say 'I will cut a bi*ch!'
Emma Stone: What if you need to know the weakest points on the human body? Or what gun is best when shooting someone execution style? [Gun Fires]
Emma Stone: Or the types of blunt objects that could knock out a two hundred pound man?
Emma Stone: What about a list of ways to maim a penis? Hmm? There's an app for that.
Emma Stone: God, it's almost too easy to find everything you're looking for on the iPhone.
Emma Stone: Need to get rid of the evidence? There's a fu**in' app for that. [Warning Siren]
Emma Stone: There's an app for almost anything. Only on the iPhone.