When you're having a crazy night out with the girls, you never know what kind of apps you'll need.

Full Credits

Starring Emma Stone
Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
Written by Lauren Palmigiano and Chad Carter
Edited by Dustin Bowser
Director of Photography Ricky Fosheim
Gaffer - Kevin Stewart
Key Grip - David Cronin
Grip - Jordan Downey
Grip - Brad Schulz
Electrician - Andrew Chrighton
Produced by The FOD Team
Special Thanks: Steve Bauerfiend, Michael Rapkin, Holly Shakoor


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Emma Stone: With the iPhone, if you're planning a night out with the girls and you need more than three-way calling, there's an app for that.
Emma Stone: What if you want to know all the bars in the area having a ladies drink specials? What if the bartender doesn't know how to make your favorite drink? The iPhone can tell you if you're suddenly partying too hard.
Emma Stone: You wondering who that bi*ch talking to your boyfriend is? That's Jennifer and she's a slut. Need to find out if your so-called faithful boyfriend is lying to your face? As*hole! Well, there's an app for that!
Emma Stone: What about what wine goes best with swallowing feelings of rage? You can quickly find the most threatening way to say 'I will cut a bi*ch!'
Emma Stone: What if you need to know the weakest points on the human body? Or what gun is best when shooting someone execution style? [Gun Fires]
Emma Stone: Or the types of blunt objects that could knock out a two hundred pound man?
Emma Stone: What about a list of ways to maim a penis? Hmm? There's an app for that.
Emma Stone: God, it's almost too easy to find everything you're looking for on the iPhone.
Emma Stone: Need to get rid of the evidence? There's a fu**in' app for that. [Warning Siren]
Emma Stone: There's an app for almost anything. Only on the iPhone.