Marvel movies are all the rage, and Clint Howard thinks it's time for a certain redhead to become a star again. more »

Full Credits

Pippi - Milla Jovovich
Clint - Clint Howard
Harvey - Fred Willard
Ed - Ed Begley Jr.
Assius - Jonathan Rudnitsky
Monkey Man - Sean Dacanay
Jerry - Gregg Hess
Pam - Grae Drake
Paula - Brittani Nichols
Donna - Holly Laurent
Tim - Chandler Drake
Security Guard - Dwayne Johnson
Nancy - Amina Munir
Director - Clark Duke
Writer(s) - Lindsay Kerns, Eliza Skinner, Travis Helwig
Executive Producer - Betsy Koch
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Production Coordinator - Becca Scheuer
Editor - Peter Lazarus
Director(s) of Photography - Scott G. Field / Matt Sweeney
Camera Operator - Matt Diamond
1st AC - Jules Paholio
Gaffer - Adam Bial
Key Grip - Mike Ross
Swing - Mike Blevins
Sound Mixer - Mike Robertson
H&MU Artist(s) - Jen Osborne / Leigh Schwartz
Wardrobe Stylist - Michelle Thompson
PA - Ross Buran
PA - Josh Kay
PA - David Ferrier
Storyboard Artist - Mike Jasorka
Graphics - Olivia Kowalczyk / Shawn James

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July 20, 2015


Clint, thanks for coming back.

> I have a big idea.

> I can't wait to hear your idea.

> It's a big one Jerry.

> Clint, sorry to keep you waiting.

> Now, can we get you anything...

> Coffee, water?

> What's water?

> N-no water for me.
I'm on a glance.

> Great, let's get to it then.

> Alright, well everyone knows Hollywood loves heroes.
Superman, Batman, Iron Man...hell, Frankenstein, and Snow White
even got the super hero treatment.

> Loved, I Frankenstein.

> We all did Donna.
Now, what if I was to tell you that I have the newest, biggest,
most box office, crushingest hero in town.
She's an oddball.
You know, crazy brades,
stacked socks, freckles from here to Mayberry.
She could lift a horse with one hand.
What does that sound like to you?
Sounds like a super hero to me.
Pippi is back.
[Machine Gun]
[Monkey Screech]

> Ok, I see it says right here that she's best friends with a monkey?

> Yeah, Kiki.
He's a demolitions expert.
He knows karate.

> I don't like that.

> And snoops around like Colombo.

> Who's Colombo?
[Hysterical Laughter]

> Does she have a love interest?

> Yeah.
Assius, boy who shoots lightening bolts out of his b-hole.
[Lightening Strike]
It's a limited super power, and it does play havoc with his turn cutter,
but it's for fun.
And the wonderful thing about it
is you've got your next big 4 quadrant tent pole franchise right there.

> Right where?

> There.

> I'm lost. Is the ass man from the book?

> It doesn't matter.
Just stay with me.
The kids are going to love it.
The adults will love it.
We'll give her a costume with a little key whole cleavage.

> You want cleavage on a child?

> She's 24.
[Dramatic Music]