Dr. Richard Walker may be a bit ghetto and unorthodox, but he gets results.

Full Credits

Starring: Mike Epps, Ron Livingston and Lindsay Sloane
Director: Marcus Raboy
Producers: David Bernad, David Hebenstreit
Exec. Producer: Ice Cube, Matt Alvarez
Editor: Jay Kaplan
Graphics: Wutitis
Makeup and Hair: Shauna O'Toole


Voiceover: (whispering) Exclusive.
(water running)
Larry: The couscous was delicious.
Jen: Thanks.
Larry: Maybe when you're finished
with the dishes we could -
Jen: Not tonight, honey.
Larry: Why, what's wrong?
Jen: Nothing.
Larry: Is it your vagina?
Jen: No!
Yes, it's my vagina.
Larry: I thought you saw your guy.
Jen: I did, I saw my guy, I saw
every gynecologist in Beverly Hills,
they said that there's
nothing they can do about it.
Larry: I'm calling Dick Walker.
Jen: Who's he?
Larry: He's the ghetto gynecologist.
(doorbell ringing)
Larry: Dr. Walker?
Dr. Walker: That's me.
You going to let me in, baby, or what?
(funky music)
Larry: Larry Maxelman, good to see you.
Thanks for coming.
Dr. Walker: Where's the patient?
Larry: Honey.
Jen, Hi, this is Richard Walker.
Dr. Walker: What's up, Jen, baby?
Jen: Hello there.
Dr. Walker: What seems to be
the problem with the pussy?
Larry: That's the ghetto part.
Jen: What are your credentials?
Dr. Walker: Get up on the table.
Get me a sandwich, man.
Larry: Sandwich?
What's that for?
Dr. Walker: It's my lunchtime, I'm hungry.
Get up on this table
and get me a sandwich.
Come on, baby.
Jen: We eat food on this table.
Dr. Walker: Yeah, I'm going to try
to eat something on that table, too.
Come hop right here.
Hop right here, baby.
Hop right here.
Larry: Honey, the man's
a professional, please.
Dr. Walker: Yeah, I'm a
professional, come on.
Jen: Are you going to eat while I -
Dr. Walker: Yep.
Okay, Ahh, make the pussy say, "Ahh".
Jen: Make my -
Both: Ahh.
Dr. Walker: Smells like
she been down there
over on 118th and Slawson.
Jen: Excuse me.
Larry: You can tell that by smell?
Dr. Walker: I can tell that by smell.
All I smell is Hennessy and
gunpowder and yellow tape.
Larry: I told you he was good.
Dr. Walker: Let me go back down there
and see what's going on down here.
Larry: Bless you.
Jen: Tell him to stop.
Larry: Shh, honey.
Dr. Walker: What are
some of your symptoms?
Jen: It's a little bit tight.
Larry: Tight?
Dr. Walker: You said the pussy's tight?
Larry: Not since Dallas was born.
Dr. Walker: Give me some Mop and Glo.
Jen: Mop and Glo?
Larry: Honey, where do
we keep the Mop and Glo?
Jen: Under the sink, but
that's for the floors.
Dr. Walker: Give me some Pine-Sol.
Larry: Okay.
Jen: I don't really think -
Larry: This is environmental.
Dr. Walker: Can I have some salt?
Jen: Salt?
Dr. Walker: Yeah, for my
sandwich, not your pussy.
Larry: Can you see the problem?
Dr. Walker: Yes, I can see the problem
if you back your ass
up the back of my neck
so that I can do the job that
you called me over here to do.
Larry: I'm sorry.
Dr. Walker: How you going
to have me come over here
and look at the pussy and
then want to put a observation
of surveillance on me while
I'm surveillancing the pussy?
Larry: Sorry.
Dr. Walker: Have you been
handling your business, man?
Jen: Honey, be honest with the doctor.
Larry: Well, once a while in the shower,
but that's just until
this blows over, right?
Dr. Walker: Well, I
think I have a diagnosis.
You haven't been hitting that right.
Larry: No, I haven't.
Dr. Walker: A little lubricant.
You haven't been giving
her the ghetto love.
Larry: Okay.
Dr. Walker: Last but
least, I gots to get paid.
Larry: Do you take Blue Cross?
Dr. Walker: I'll tell you
what, I'll take something
a little bit better than Blue Cross.
I'll take this microwave out here.
Larry: Okay.
It's all right.
Thanks, doctor.
Jen: Thank you, doctor.
Larry: How do you feel?
Jen: Actually, I'm feeling
a little bit better.
Larry: Why don't we hit
that shit right now?
Jen: Honey. (laughing)
Grab the Pine-Sol.
Larry: Oh, okay.
(romantic music)