Perry Kurtz rewrites the lyrics his own way.

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March 02, 2014


I saw, your video and thought
Wow ur really a hoochie
You licked the sledge and rode the ball
We almost saw ur coochie

Can you please explain,
while you twerked away,
You were in your undies
Still not just sure why,
you trimmed off your pie
You'll be stubbly by Sunday

You're writhing on a Wrecking Ball
And I saw your tits were really small
And we really do not care at all
At least we saw your ni-i-i-i-pulls
Yeah, ur ni-i-i-i-pulls

I saw the weird look in your eye
And no butt when you turned around
Chopped off your hair,
looked like a boy
Hannah Montana can?t be found
Put your fears away,
your dad Billy Ray,
He will always love you
We didn't see your bush,
but we saw your tush
Daddy is so proud of you

You swung in on a wrecking ball
Now the guys want you to cup their balls
All you wanted was to make some cash
So you went ahead and show-o-oed your ass
You jizzed upon that wrecking ball
You licked the hammer with your lizard tongue
Left us staring while you broke the walls
All you tried to do is free-ee-eak me
Yeah, free-ee-eak me

(quietly)You never said you were a whore
But you wanted us to let you win
And tho you really stayed the course
Billboard says ur you're gonna really win
You just felt you had to show some skin
And you found a way to work it in
I'd like to put a big load on your chin
(4 beats)
I just gotta say, there's no fucking way
You just can't be that kinky.

Go lick upon some wrecking balls
And selling albums in the malls
And giving blowjobs in the halls
And maybe eat some puh-u-u-sy
But I wish I was that wrecking ball
I closed my eyes and could feel your tongue
I can't believe I like this fucking song
All you almost did was free-ee-eak me
Yeah, your free-ee-eak-ee
Yeah, your free-ee-eak-ee