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Mike O'Gorman as President Donald Trump
DIRECTOR: Matt Mayer
WRITER: Jocelyn Richard
PRODUCER: Hans Sahni
DP: Matt Sweeney
DIT: William Maxwell
GAFFER: Alex Gracie
KEY GRIP: Amy Austin
SOUND MIXER: Chris Bennett
HMU: Jessica Leigh Schwartz
WARDROBE: Jordy Scheinberg
PA: Patrick Kevin
EDITOR: Bryan Stratt


Kind: captions
Language: en
(ominous music)
- Hello, I'm President
Donald Trump with VOICE.
Today we are asking for
your tremendous help.
Violent immigrant
criminals brutally murder
millions of Americans every day.
These dangerous browns are on the loose.
That's why VOICE has
created a new tip line
to help track them down
and send them home.
-800-UDEPORT, you give their
name and physical description
including level of brownness
and we'll track them down
and buy them a one-way
ticket back to Browntown.
Maybe you don't know any immigrants.
That's okay too.
Call us and just describe
what you think one looks like.
We'll go track down someone
who fits that description
and get them outta here.
Oh yeah, that's going Browntown.
Don't let these squirrelly
savages fool you.
They might seem like nice,
smart, normal, educated,
thoughtful human beings,
but that doesn't mean
they won't turn into a chupacabra at night
and suck the blood out
of you and your children.
Remember folks, 98% of
all immigrants will commit
a majorly huge crime at some point today.
If they haven't already.
Here's some truly suspicious
activity to look out for.
Being in white neighborhoods
without a reason.
Being in white
neighborhoods with a reason.
Wearing a head scarf.
Speaking Arabic on a plane.
That one's a big no-no.
Growing a long Osama bin Laden-like beard.
Not liking football or hot dogs.
Eating ethnic food.
Eating a medium rare steak.
Rolling your Rs.
You know, anything.
Don't let your beautiful
little daughter girl
or handsome sports boy
son be the next victim
of a brutal immigrant, call
the VOICE tipline today
and thank you for your assistance.
While we have a minute,
let's try the song, guys.
We all know the words now,
we're gonna try the song,
here we go.
♫ When you're illegal
and America's great again
♫ You can always go
♫ Browntown
♫ When you got worries all the ICE
♫ And Steve Bannon seems to help, I know
♫ Browntown
That's really good guys,
that's a fantastic song,
I mean, really, we've made history here.