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OUT 2013-09-10 at BEATPORT Visit for more info and updates.... more »
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OUT 2013-09-10 at BEATPORT Visit for more info and updates. After nearly a year of keeping down appearances and staying out of the public eye, Tay returns for his greatest triumph, the unbearably catchy and characteristically camp 'Fabulous On The Catwalk'. Sticking with his tried-and-tested formula of twiddly, melodic, vintage disco synths, fused with late-90's disco-house beats, his now famous 'singjay' style has become a worldwide phenomenon with fans and critics alike, each and everyone of them all queuing up for a bit of Tay. The EP features a slightly shorter radio-friendly edit, the brilliant tech-house 'Barrier Reef Remix', an incredibly retro and classically fashioned remix from label-mate Zebrabottom, and a bonus DJ tool of acid lines, squelching 303's and huge basses. Cheers, Mr. Tay!
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Published August 21, 2013