The walk of shame doesn't have to be awkward if you can come to an understanding the next morning.

Full Credits

Starring Pauly Shore & Eliza Coupe
Directed by Chad Carter
Director of Photography: David Robert Jones
Written by Seth Morris & Chad Carter
Editing and Graphics by Neil Mahoney and Showfriendz
Produced by Mike Farah
Production Coordinator: Christin Trogan
Sound: Danny Carpenter
Grips: Elbridge Stuart & Andrew Crighton
Makeup: Kat Bardot
Production Assistants: Michelle Fox & Sean Boyle
Special Thanks: Christie & Douglas Curran


The video opens with Pauly Shore and Eliza Coupe walking up to an elevator.

Pauly Shore: Hey, sorry I had to quickly get out of here, I've just got this breakfast meeting.

Eliza Coupe: Oh yeah, no, don't worry about it. I've gotta get to work. I mean, I can't wear this.

Pauly Shore: Yeah, sexy teacher. She's gotta go give her students boners.

Eliza Coupe: Yeah, I am, uh, I'm actually a legal assistant, so...

Pauly Shore: Oh, oh...

Eliza Coupe: You know, it's okay. We were both so drunk.

Pauly Shore: Right.

Eliza Coupe: I don't expect you to remember my life story.

Pauly Shore: Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed. I'm sorry.

Eliza Coupe: It's okay, don't worry about it.

Pauly Shore reaches over and presses the elevator button repeatedly. Eliza Coupe presses it again for good measure.

Eliza Coupe: Hey, elevator, hurry up. Mr. Biosphere's got to get to his appointment.

Pauly Shore: It was Biodome. I was in Biodome. It was with Stephen Baldwin. It was a pretty good film.

The elevator finally arrives and Eliza Coupe starts to get on.

Pauly Shore: Get out of here.

Eliza Coupe: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Pauly Shore: No, we're even. We're even.

Pauly Shore gets on the elevator and the shot cuts to the elevator interiors.

Eliza Coupe: Aren't you directing now?

Pauly Shore: Yeah, yeah. I'm directing.

Pauly Shore begins rubbing his forehead like he's getting a headache.

Eliza Coupe: Something in Cambodia? With kids. I saw it on the internet. It looks really funny.

Pauly Shore: Right.

Eliza Coupe: I'm gonna see it.

The elevator appears to break down and stops moving. Pauly Shore reaches over and hits the buttons a few times.

Pauly Shore: Elevator.

There is a pause and Eliza Coupe begins laughing.

Pauly Shore: What? What? What?

Eliza Coupe: I'm sorry. I mean, could this get any more awkward?

Pauly Shore: I don't know. Why don't you ask the star of Biosphere?

Eliza Coupe: Why don't you ask him yourself on the way to your imaginary breakfast?

Pauly Shore sighs and leans back, banging his head on the elevator wall.

Pauly Shore: Ow. We were so close too. (starts laughing)

Eliza Coupe: I know. (also laughs) I know.

Pauly Shore: I mean, this is crazy isn't it? Think about it. We spend
the whole night trying to get into something that we can't wait to get
out of once the sun comes up.

Eliza Coupe: I know. I was just talking to my girlfriend about that. You
know, she thinks that everyone who has a one night stand is, on some
level, looking for The Thing. Love. Whatever. I'm not. I'm not looking
for a boyfriend, at all.

Pauly Shore: No, no, but, you're girlfriend has a point, because a
perfect relationship would be a one night stand that lasts forever.

Eliza Coupe: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Pauly Shore: Right? Exactly.

Eliza Coupe: Anything anyone does is for love, on some level.

Pauly Shore: What I try to do is accumulate as many little pieces of
love as I can. Seeing a little baby smile. Seeing two strangers be nice
to each other. Getting to hang with the pretty girl. But down deep
inside, I'm afraid the pieces aren't going to last. They're just passing

Pauly Shore steps forward and enters into an idyllic nature setting.

Pauly Shore: Like trying to remember the pain of a broken arm. You can
remember the circumstances, but you can't feel the pain anymore. I just
want a pain that'll last forever.

The shot abruptly cuts to Pauly Shore standing next to Eliza Coupe in the elevator again.

Eliza Coupe: That's really beautiful.

The elevator abruptly starts up again.

Pauly Shore: Oh, okay.

Eliza Coupe: Oh, my god.

The shot cuts to Pauly Shore and Eliza Coupe stepping off the elevator on the ground floor.

Pauly Shore: Okay, well, I guess I'll see you around sometime.

Eliza Coupe: Yeah, okay

Pauly Shore and Eliza Coupe share a little fist bump.

Pauly Shore: Alright.

Eliza Coupe: Good seeing you, Burbank Man.

Pauly Shore: Encino Man. It was Encino Man.

Pauly Shore steps into the elevator as Eliza Coupe exits the building.

Pauly Shore (voiceover): Jesus, Goddamn elevator. Jesus, let's go.

The video ends.