Two childhood friends play a game of "Would You Rather," where their choices magically come true. more »

Full Credits

Directed, Produced & Edited by ROD BLACKHURST & BRIAN McGINN
Written & Produced by DAVE FRANCO
Director of Photography | GARETH PAUL COX
Colorist | SANTIAGO PADILLA or New Hat


[Music Playing]
Talia Tabin: How bad?
Dave Franco: Not good. After two beers I am foul drunk right now. [Laughs]
Talia Tabin: You're getting there.
Dave Franco: [Laughs] Um, okay. All right, all right, all right, I got one.
Talia Tabin: Okay, start.
Dave Franco: [Burps]
Talia Tabin: Ugh! I am done with that game. I am done with that game. Have I told you that?
Dave Franco: Okay. All right, all right. Would you rather have a penis...
Talia Tabin: Mhm.
Dave Franco: Or, uhm...
Talia Tabin: Wait, what kind of penis? Uh, is this like a Jessie Miller type penis?
Dave Franco: Oh, stop it! Jesus!
Talia Tabin: Is it a really nice penis?
Dave Franco: Stop! Your boyfriend has a big 'ol dick, we get it!
Dave Franco: Or, uh, relive your prom night? Taking the stage and just belting your little heart out to Hakuna Matata. [Laughs]
Talia Tabin: I want the penis!
Dave Franco: I would, too. I would, too! [Laughs] What is it? [Singing] Hakuna Matata, it means be responsible! For the rest of the niiiight!
Talia Tabin: Okay.
Dave Franco: [Laughs]
Talia Tabin: Okay.
Dave Franco: Student body president dork.
Talia Tabin: [Sighs] Serious question.
Dave Franco: 'Kay.
Talia Tabin: Serious one.
Dave Franco: Sounds serious.
Talia Tabin: Would you rather watch while your dad fu**s your mom doggy style...
Dave Franco: Serious one. Okay. I like it.
Talia Tabin: Serious one! And they're both staring into your soul. Just staring into your eyes.
Dave Franco: Doin' it. Cool. Cool. I'm with you. What's the other fu**in' option Jesus Christ.
Talia Tabin: Or, jerk off to a picture of your mom while she watches you?
Dave Franco: Who fu**ing says that? [Coughs]
Talia Tabin: Choose!
Dave Franco: Uh, the jerk off one I guess?
Talia Tabin: Oh!
Dave Franco: Don't give me that face!
Talia Tabin: Oh! Wrong choice!
Dave Franco: Right, that is the wrong choice. That was bad, right? [Laughs]
Talia Tabin: That's the wrong choice!
Dave Franco: That was worse than the other one, right?
[Music Playing]
Dave Franco: Ah, wha..oh! Oh, what?! Oh God! Oh, uhh!
Betsy Franco: Oh! Stop it sweetie!
Dave Franco: Oh! Ahh! Why?! Uh! I can't! I can't stop! Oh fu**!
Talia Tabin: Wake up.
Dave Franco: Oh! Why?!
Talia Tabin: Wake up! Wake up!
Dave Franco: [Gasps]
Talia Tabin: You're okay.
Dave Franco: No. Whoa! No!
Talia Tabin: What's going on?
Dave Franco: What's going on?! I just sex, I just jacked off to a picture of my mom, while she watched!
Talia Tabin: No. That was the game.
Dave Franco: No, no, it was not the game. Don't laugh. Please don't laugh.
Talia Tabin: You're fine. Relax. You're freaking me out.
Dave Franco: Okay. Okay. All right. Just, look, I want you to get where I'm at. Okay? I want you to understand what I'm going through. You ready? Let's, let's just play with you. Let's do your turn. Okay?
Talia Tabin: Sure.
Dave Franco: Okay. All right. You ready? Okay. Would you rather uhm, have Jessie Miller's teeth...
Talia Tabin: Jessie Miller again, huh? Really? Really?
Dave Franco: Barely even notice that dead tooth of his. Kay, that's the first one. All right? Next one, all right, are you ready? Okay. Or, uhm, have sex with, uh, Chris Mintz-Plasse? Have sex with Chris Mintz-Plasse.
Talia Tabin: That's interesting.
Dave Franco: Ah, okay.
Talia Tabin: Well, you've seen him in those tights in that Kick Ass movie.
Dave Franco: Oh my God why doesn't it surprise me that you like the dorkiest fu**ing guys?
Talia Tabin: Is it dorky to kick ass?
Dave Franco: Ugh! Never!
[Music Playing]
Chris Mintz=Plasse: Oh. Ah.
Chris Mintz-Plasse: Daddy is enjoying this. Mmm.
Talia Tabin: [Gasps] [Whispering] What the f**k? [End Whispering] What the f**k?!
Dave Franco: Told you.
Dave Franco: All right, no, look. I got it though. All right? I figured it out, okay? Look, just give me one. Give me one.
Dave Franco: No, no no. Look, look. Give me like, two like, amazing options, all right? Things I would want to do. All right? You get it?
Talia Tabin: Oh my God.
Dave Franco: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We can do whatever we want!
Talia Tabin: Okay.
Dave Franco: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just give, give, just give fu**in', make my dreams fu**ing come true, all right? Give it!
Talia Tabin: I have one!
Dave Franco: You got. Already? Okay, let's do it!
Talia Tabin: Would you rather...
Dave Franco: Let's do it.
Talia Tabin: Have Allie take you back...
Dave Franco: What? Whoa.
Talia Tabin: Is that bad?
Dave Franco: It just, it doesn't seem to be getting through to you, I'm fu**ing, I'm done. All right? I'm done with that. This isn't, this isn't one of my, like, you know, uh, yeah! You know I think I'm really, this is it, I'm done. I'm done! Okay?! Get that s**t out of here, all right? Don't. That's your one amazing...
Talia Tabin: I'm sorry.
Dave Franco: option?! Give, what's the other? Give it! Give it! All right. Something you know I'd love. You know me.
Talia Tabin: Or [Whispers] Kiss me.
Dave Franco: Wha?
Talia Tabin: [Sighs] Nothing. Never mind. That was...Sorry.
Dave Franco: What, what about Jessie?
Talia Tabin: You were with Allie. Or Nicole. Or Jen. Oh, I feel so stupid. Just forget it.
[Music Playing] [Kissing Sounds]
Talia Tabin: Why Chris Mintz-Plasse?
Dave Franco: Uh, is it weird to say that I know he'd be gentle?
[Both Laughing] [Kissing Sounds]
Talia Tabin: Would you rather...
Dave Franco: Mmm.
Talia Tabin: F**k me right now...
Dave Franco: Ohh!
Talia Tabin: Or make sweet, sweet Mintz-Plasse love to me?
Dave Franco: Oh, yeah! Give me that second one!
Talia Tabin: [Giggling]
[Kissing Sounds] [Music Playing]
[Air Horn Sound]
Talia Tabin: I want the penis!
Dave Franco: Oh f**k!
[Music Playing]