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Full Credits

Revenant Kids: Maxwell Donovan and Van Brunelle
Mom: Anais Fairweather
Voice Over: Dave Ferguson
Writer/Director: Pat O'Brien
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
DP: Matt Sweeney
Editor: Hannah Levy
VXF: Kegan Swyers
AC: Michael Lincoln
PD: Ashley Swanson
Art Director: Danielle Aziz
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen
Grip: Dustin Supencheck
Swing: Derek Vass
Wardrobe: John Thompson
HMU: Rachel Kooyman
Sound Mixer: Mike Robertson
PA: Edgar Castillo and Amelia Card
Intern PAs: Rachel Knapp and Marcos Gonzalez, Danielle Massie


[kids are laughing]
Anais Fairweather: Kids, time
for bed.
Maxwell Donovan: Mom.
Van Brunelle: We don't want
to go to bed.
Anais Fairweather: Oh really.
[music shifts]
Maxwell Donovan and Van Brunelle: Awesome.
Male Speaker 1: Now you
can make bedtime, fun time
with new horse carcass
sleeping bags from
The Revenant.
Relive the harrowing scene
from Alejandro Iñárritu's
epic revenge drama, in which
Leonardo DiCaprio cuts open
a mangled horse carcass,
and sleeps inside it for warmth.
Maxwell Donovan: I'll do anything to
avenge my son.
Male Speaker 1: New horse
carcass sleeping bags from
The Revenant come in white,
brown, calico, and unicorn,
and each is filled with
realistic horse gore.
Maxwell Donovan: Cool. Goopy gak.
Male Speaker 1: Zip open the
stomach and remove the guts.
Van Brunelle: Leo will definitely get
the Oscar for this.
Maxwell Donovan: It's his time.
Male Speaker 1:The heavy
duty fabric keeps kids
toasty on even their darkest
nights of the soul, and
they're 100% machine
Anais Fairweather: Why would you
lie about that?
Male Speaker 1: If The Revenant
has taught us
anything is don't trust the people
who you think are your friends.
Maxwell Donovan: I ain't afraid to
die anymore.
Maxwell Donovan: I've done
it already.
Anais Fairweather: Hey. What are you
kids doing?
Van Brunelle: Just horsing around.
[kids giggle]
Male Speaker 1: And
introducing new Revenant
crew member action figures
with realistic walking off
set action.
Van Brunelle: The crew is freezing
Alejandro. Why don't you
Van Brunelle: just use CGI?
Maxwell Donovan: Never.
Male Speaker 1: New horse carcass
sleeping bags, and more
from The Revenant Kids.
For your fun-sideration.
Kids: We're pulling
for you Leo!