Clip from a performance at the secret cabaret-club Babes of Baghdad in the Green Zone, Baghdad!!

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April 19, 2010



When I was just a little girl my pets played in an orchard. Now I serve in Abu Ghraib I like to see 'em tortured.
I am Lynndie England; did I really stoop so low? A baby grows inside me; I wonder, will it know? My husband's not the father, it's my army boss instead. We shot some prison porno, then ended up in bed. Rana is my middle name, an Arab one, go figure! Send me to Guantanamo, I'll beat myself with vigor!

I am Lynndie England; even freaks I can surprise Kiss me call me Rana, then some Mace into your eyes
Let them try a water-board, suckin’ air through wet sacks
Get my hunger going , eat four guards four big Macs
Some day they gotta close this place, till then our paradise
Blame all on evil Lynndie, the White House
Don’t do vice!

I am Lynddie England, yes I really I stooped so low
USA and England, holiday Guantanamo
I am Lynddie England, sexy smile and your scapegoat
USA and England, torture circus here we go!.