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Starring Whitney Merritt and Sam Kellett
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Hello and welcome to "Sex, with God"

Today we're going to discuss a very important
topic: where to meet the kind of people you should be dating.

Church is a good place to
start, but what are some other spots to meet people?

Let's open up the phone lines and hear what
you think.

Caller, you're on the line with "Sex, with

Caller: Yeah, yeah, hey um, I want to get
some of that sex with God. That sounds real nice.

There is a comma.

There is a comma there.

One of our favorite places to meet people
is at the park.

I suggest sitting alone on a bench near a

People will identify you as someone interested
in children.

Also, another one of our favorite places is prison.

Now I know that sounds a little bit wacky.

But think about it,

Prison provides a physical barrier so you
can develop an emotional relatioship first.

(phone rings)
Looks like we have another call.

Caller, you're on the line with "Sex, with

Yeah, hey uh, I really like the idea of meeting people with
kids. Do you have any other ways to pick up children?

Uh- I mean people with children?

I suggest finding a lemonade stand in you
neighborhood and asking to help out.

Ask if you can squeeze their lemons.

Kids love that.

And the parents will love you.

Caller: Ooh, I like that.You got any othe

Buy a puppy and walk it around a residential
area. That will definitely attract children.

Caller: Thanks, I think I'll try some of that.

I love it when we help people.

You are so good at thinking on your feet!

Thank you.

I mean it, I love you.


I love Jews.

Most of the time.


Yeah, well

We'll end this episode with a warning. Be
careful when finding people online.

Did you know there are pictures of people naked right
there on the front of the interwebs?

And remember who you're first relationship
is with.



Alright, well that's all the time we have
for "Sex, with God"

With Ohhh-