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May 08, 2010


UM: I'm coming. Who's there.

ODCR :It's me, Officer Deputy Cap Rufus. Come on nao, open up!

UM: Oh sh-, uhh, ok one minute. (Throws out Sears Summer Catalogue). JUST ONE MORE SECOND! Uhh, almost. Ok.

ODCR: Hey, Pastachio.

UM: It's Mustachio.

ODCR: Alright alright keep it in your pants. Listen, we've been getting some complaints on you Pastachio.

UM: It's Mustachio!

ODCR: All right, all right. Mustachio..

UM: Yes?

ODCR: As I was saying, we have been getting a bunch of complaints all up and round our lovely neigbourhood of Syrinx. You see her nao, this badge represents freedom and saftey for our town. Our civillians here must be safe, and I've been getting a heafty load of calls since you've been, ya nao, let free from your saftey net. But don't think we haven't been keepin a close eye on you

UM: May I ask what I was doing exactly? All I've been doing is watching my friends little kiddies. And believe me when I say, nothing to brag about. He he he. No but in all seriousness, I haven't done anything to breach my probation at all and I never will ever again.

ODCR: Ya now, with those little comments, that keeps me asured that you are one sick mother fugger nao.

UM: God damnit. It's Mustachio. Mustachio. Now listen here Rufus. I know that my past hasn't not been a good on as far as being a good civillian goes. I have made my mistakes. But god damnit Rufus, that was in the 80's. It's 1982 now. I've learned my wrongs and paid my debts to society. My past has not been a good one, we all know that. But I have worked to control myself. I'm a new man now Rufus. I'm a new man. A good man. A PG man for god sakes!

ODCR: Well, that might be. You be safe nao, Stachiya. You be safe. I'll be watching. I always is. And don't you fuggin think any other wise.

UM: You got it Rufus. And hey?

ODCR: What?

UM: Not only do I smell bacon, but I think I smell a new friend.

ODCR: Don't you be fuggin it up nao. One more complaint, and it's bye bye freedom. Bye bye.