A response to "Learning to Dance In the Rain Movie"

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Jesus Superman picture courtesy of Leigh Eason
Music - "New Age Crap" composed by Cal Jennings
Script - Cal Jennings
Stock footage from "Stock Footage for Free"
Two pictures of snow and umbrella in rain random pictures from Photobucket

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July 27, 2010


Learning to Scream Through the Pain
(Script by Cal Jennings)

"Life's not about waiting for storms to pass
It's about learning to scream through the pain" ~ Cal Jennings

Truly understanding the powerful napenthe of griping
will change your life foreve

So enjoy this bitchfest
by C.R. Jennings

Any day I wake up is horrible
,,,that's what I always say.
And I curse the day I was born

If you ask me "How are you?"
I'll friggin' TELL you
Because if you didn't want to know
You shouldn't have asked
And that's my attitude

When life gives me dark clouds and rain
I bitch because I can't afford a raincoat or umbrella
I detest the way it runs down my hair into my face

When life gives me sunshine
I shoot the finger at the sun
Because my air conditioning is out

When life brings fog,
I gripe about not having a sweate
because I hate that damned cold moist crap
that you can't even see through

When life brings snow,
I groan because I have to get out the snow shovel
and scrape that cold, annoying mess off of my sidewalk and driveway

Life's experiences are like the weathe
They're always the wrong thing at the wrong time
So I may as well bitch about them

For it feels like there is no heaven

Each season brings its own unique problems
And I bitch about them