Alison and Andrew are two idiots in the witness protection program

Full Credits

Created by Andrew Law and Alison Rich
Directed by Trevor Williams
Executive Produced by Matthew Hobby and Danny Friedman
Produced by Hannah VanderPoel
Consulting Producer Morgan Evans
Andrew Law, Alison Rich, Nate Dern, Brandon Gulya, Frank Hejl
DP: Joe Spit
Asst DP: Peter Yelton
Sound: Dave Bluvband
Asst Sound: Brian Morrissey
Editing: Kent Kincannon & Trevor Williams
Makeup: Emilia Adamkiewicz
Music Superviser: Courtney E. Love
Opening Theme by The Barracudas
Animation: Mike Antonucci
PAs: Pat Hroncich, Brian Morrissey, Sam Reisman
Special Thanks to Phil Jackson

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