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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Produced by Pete Newman & Jim Turner
Directed by Jim Turner
Written by Livia Scott & Jamie Stellini
Music by Jamie Stellini & BirdAss Productions
Assistant Director / Color Correction by Rich Samalot
Facebook Page Design by Kyle Cross
Location provided by Rebecca Trent: The Creek & The Cave
Choreography by Megan Gerlach & Livia Scott
Hair by Alfonso Suarez
Costumes & Styling by Alfonso Suarez
Makeup by Alfonso Suarez & Megan Gerlach
Todd Hanson as Gavin Doosche
Dancers Megan Gerlach & Laura Anderson
Sara Benincasa
Shonali Bowmik
Boris Khaykin
Katie Balske
Andrew Beale
Julian Beale
Jason Burke
John Early
Emily Flake
Sharron Paul
Cheroc Sebti
Micaela Sgroi
Samantha Sgroi
Jamie Stellini
Dan Wilbur
Jess Wood
Promotional photography & design by Jim Turner, Cheroc Sebti &
Stefan Lawrence
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Published: January 10, 2012