The only surefire way to cure your Islamophobia.

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Writer/Director - Jon Millstein
Writer/Director - Alex Scordelis
Producer - Sean Dacanay
Zack Gold
Esau Hamadanyan
Natalie Palamides
Robert Michael Huegel
Ahamed Weinberg
Amina Munir
Wes Schlagenhauf
DP - Scott G. Field
Camera Op - James Jeffrey
Production Coordinator - Christine Medrano
Sound Mixer - Nathan Whitcomb
Editor - Adriana Robles

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December 12, 2015


So when I say the word
Muslim what does that make you think?
-Every Muslim is a terrorist.
Well future President Trump
said that if we allow
Muslims into our country
they're going to blow it up, and
I believe him.
Well, you should try Muslim-Meet.
It's a new service that will cure
your fear of Muslims in one easy step.
Meeting one.
-Oh my God!
Muhammad, I presume.
Uh no, I'm Ben.
I'm meeting a Muslim.
What are we going to do?
Are we going to build a bomb together?
What? No.
I would never build a bomb.
I work in retail.
I work in retail.
This is insane.
Too good to be true.
I got to pat you down.
-What? No.
-I'mma have to do it. I'm sorry.
[Male #1]: This is crazy, but
not only does Ahamed live
in an apartment just like me,
he also watches Netflix just like me.
And he loves soup just like me.
And he even says he stays
in bed all day sometimes just like me.
Yeah, I slept 'till noon this Sunday.
It was great.
Am I being punked?
No, you're just meeting a fellow human.
The craziest part is we still haven't
bonded over the thing I know we both love,
armor piercing automatic weapons.
Oh no-no-no.
I'm an ardent gun control advocate.
You just keep surprising me.
you won't believe it, I'm
standing here with a white Muslim.
-Isn't this great?
He feels normal,
like everything thing about him.
We both sleep
under the same moon.
You know, this has been
so truly amazing and enlightening.
What do you say we
pick up things tomorrow,
see if the connection
is still there, huh?
-Naw, I'm good.
-Okay. Did I say anything?
Man, I'm so glad
I met this Muslim.
[Female #1]: Muslim-meet,
because Muslims are a diverse group
of 1.6 billion people, and
we're just asking you to be rational.