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Written, produced and performed by Eric Schwartz (
Shot and Directed by Michael Chase Gordon (

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March 23, 2011


7am, waking up in the morning
To the sound of sex from the couple upstairs
Which is kinda gross, cuz they're 84
My girl left me, and I'm alone n
Gotta push on, no time for fussin'
Gotta get up and find a...job
Out of work six months, and I have no friends (I have no friends)
But I am never ceasing
Nothing can defeat me
No time to whine, I'll see a brighter day

It's Monday, Monday
Gotta brush it off on Monday
Even though my house got robbed this weekend, weekend
Monday, Monday
Standing tall again on Monday
Everybody pushes their sh-t on me then'
I get more jolly when (Yeah)
I trip and fall again (Yeah)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
I'm a song and a smile away from freakin'

7:45, and I step out on my driveway
Car repossessed, I'm not gonna cry
Fun, fun, think about fun
You f--in' idiot 
take a deep breath, I got this
The bus pulls up all right (yaay!)
Smells like piss, and vomit
Where's my wallet?
Kick me in the butt
Then they kick me in the balls
Still I keep a smile that nothing can erase!

It's Monday, Monday
Every day feels like Monday
Even bedbugs get me when I'm sleepin', eatin'
Monday, Monday
If at first you fail, then one day
You'll probably keep on failing til you're reachin' the end
I'll cut off all my limbs (Yeah!)
Stop breathing oxygen (Yeah!)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
I'm a song and a smile awaaaay...

I'm hurting inside, but you never knew
You can't hear the pain in my voice through the autotune
So I get on YouTube
There's a girl on there trying to make a tune
No way I will let her shine, I'll destroy her life, feel better 'bout mine
Wait, what have I become? 
Maybe this is that karma that goes and comes
I should quit this life, create a new one
Nah, I need a moment of fun!

It's Monday, Monday
Lookin' for the sun on Monday
Is my dog really lost or did he leave me, leave me?
Monday, Monday
Trying to fall in love with Monday
But MondaySucks hashtag is what I'm tweetin'
And to top all of it (Yeah!)
There's radiation wind (Yeah!)
Fun, fun, fun, fun
I'm a song and a smile away from freakin'