Lizzy the Lezzy stand up comedy videos - “TEMPTATION” more lesbian ranting from lizzy the lezzy.

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name is lizzy, I am a lesbian

If you
are one too then we can have some fun

hop into my bed and we can have some rough and tumble

lickle bit of kissing and a lickle finger fumble

not that into pain but I quite like nipple crunchin

And if
you’re very lucky then you might get some muff munchin




often get asked lots of questions about my sexuality. Just the other day, some
guy asked me why I am a lesbian.  Well
that’s obvious isn’t it?  A big fairy came
down and sprinkled magic rainbow dust on my mother’s vagina just as she was
giving birth to me, of course. Why do you think?  


Oh no,
that’s right. It’s a choice. I choose to do it. I do it to annoy my parents and
alienate myself from society. I do it because I am a bad girl, because
homosexuality is a sin, a temptation from the devil himself.


Or is
it because I am mentally ill? well maybe I am a little bit mental, but that’s
not why I’m a lesbian.


I am a
lesbian because…well... I just am. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. That’s
the way my finger fumbles. That’s the way my nipples are crunched. That’s the
way my muff gets munched. Hehe.